A matchy-matchy thrifted outfit


Since I don't blog my outfits every day, it occurs to me that you might all think I only blog the best ones. Trust me, that's not the case. Whether or not I blog what I'm wearing on a given day comes down to two things: how much time I have in the morning (i.e. how much I oversleep) and whether or not I have something else planned for the blog on a given day. That's really it.

I'm kinda glad it worked out to blog this ensemble, though, as it shows two things. First, there are days on which I have absolutely no color creativity; secondly, it's another all-thrifted (except the shoes) look!




I'm wearing:
-Valerie Stevens box pleated floral skirt (thrifted)
-Gap white v-neck tee (thrifted)
-Liberty of London brown leather belt (thrifted)
-Coldwater Creek bead and chain necklace (thrifted)
-nameless turquoise bead and chain necklace (thrifted)
-Aerosoles South Role in "Mid-Green Leather" (Shoebuy)

Also, about my hair. It's not that I think this bun is a particular good look. It's that my hair is dirty and gross and with it down I looked unwashed. So there you have it--I'm all style.


I think this outfit is very flattering on you!

Cute! I love that skirt. And are you losing weight? I hate to even ask because I feel weird when people ask me, but you look really fabulous!

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