Date day: a photo journal


I'm usually more about words than pictures, but Mark and I had a lovely "date day" on Saturday, and I managed to both bring and use the camera, so I thought I'd make an exception and show you a photo journal.

First, my look for the day. I'm calling it suburban weekend boho:

Suburban boho weekend wear

And now, our day!

Diner breakfast


Flowers and chairs

Gerbera daisies


Bird houses--Heider's Country Store

Windows and photo sign--Lucketts

Boxer statue--Lucketts

Red chairs--Lucketts

The menu


Bag of beignets

Crazy misspelled Jesus van


The cheese and charcuterie plate looks delicious!

I like your makeout van. Does it have an 8-track and tunes?

That van is awesome! It reminds me that we have a week until the end. Get prayin'! Hahahaha.

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