Doing the casual Friday


My current job has casual Fridays. I, like many people, find casual Friday to be a bit confusing--the gap between my casual and professional clothes is large, and a lot of the "go-to" casual Friday ideas given by fashionistas (trouser jeans, button down shirts, etc.) don't really work for me.

Sometimes, I just dress like I do every other day of the week. But sometimes I play along. And I think I did OK today.




-NY & Co skinny jeans
-Gap print pleat-front tank top (outlet store)
-BCBG long green cardigan (Marshall's or TJ Maxx)
-Naturalizer red flats (Shoebuy)
-chunky jade and agate necklace (gift)



I really like those jeans on you!

I love that outfit!

I feel like a well-cut and fitted pair of dark jeans is more work-appropriate than ill-fitting cotton pants any day. But then I work in a library. :)

One of my favorite things about how you dress is the way you mix colors and prints in ways that I might never think of. Which is really wonderful. This outfit is perfectly 'you' and what I'd call truly stylish. 'Fashion'is mostly bullshit, but style is where it's at. And you haz it, bb!

you look great!

You look great!

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