Everbody Everywhere: Floral!


Today's challenge from Everybody Everywhere is FLORAL. How can I not participate in one so easy?

This shirt is a problem. I grabbed it from the clearance rack at Old Navy in February, in a fit of pre-spring optimism. The print reminded me of Liberty of London. Brought it home, tried it on, and realized that I am just not a huge ruffle person. Frankly, the ruffle seems a little bit...obscene. Then I promptly forgot to return it for three months, and now it's too late. So it's been in my give-away pile, but I decided to give it a try today, since it is very floral. I'm not sure I'm sold, but I don't hate it as much as I did in February. I think the structured skirt and colored shoes help.

What do you think?




-Josephine Chaus black a-line skirt (Ross)
-ruffled floral sleeveless shirt (Old Navy)
-Aerosoles South Role in "Mid-Green Leather"
-narrow black Etienne Aigner belt (thrifted)
-blue and gray faux pearl earrings (Little Black Box)

Don't forget to head over to Everybody Everywhere and see how everybody else is wearing floral today!


Oh, I actually really like the top! I think it has a nice overall silhouette, and that the ruffle adds some interest! Maybe pair it with a long, chunky necklace to help the ruffle lay a little more if that is what bugs you, but you look great as is! :)

Love those shoes! You look great!

If by "obscene," you were worried that the ruffle was doing that... kind of labial kind of a thing? No. I think it's fine. And the colors are really lovely on you.

i say keep it. it would look so cute with some high-waisted jeans and sandals. it looks great with this skirt, too! it's super versatile and not at all obscene!

I think it looks great!

I think the floral top looks great - perfect for this time of year!

I think the ruffly top is perfectly flattering on you. Also, what cute shoes! I love the criss-cross straps.

I think it looks really good on you.

LOL obscene - like Hala I am assuming you mean labia-like, but no I don't see that either. Cute, and that skirt is so flattering and lovely!

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