Some thoughts about honesty, and my face

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Extreme close-ups of my face are not my favorite photographs. It's not that I don't think I have a nice face--I'm pretty much good with it--it's just that it feels invasive, seeing a photograph of what you peer at most closely in the mirror. It feels like someone is looking at you far too hard. I also don't like photos of myself without my glasses--I feel naked and not-me.

So why publish the picture above, which I just snapped with my iPhone? Because I've been talking a lot lately with a number of folks about truth in blogging, about the creation of a persona, and about how much this blogger or that blogger really is who she seems to be. And I want to make a point here--there is no What If No One's Watching persona. This blog has grown from my online journal to something a bit (only a bit...) more structured, with more focus, but it's still just me here. If something I write doesn't ring true, if it seems like it's here because I was paid to do it, or because I am trying to drive up traffic, or because I think it would be good for my "brand," then we've got a problem.That allergy-eyed slightly hook-nosed mug above? That's me. That's all you here here at WINOW.

Have a good weekend.


I hate the idea of becoming my own brand. Brand culture is just not something I can ever really embrace. But I understand why people do it. Closeups of faces do reveal truths. I love them. I like taking them of myself because I'm more comfortable with the intimate truth about myself than the big picture.

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