Thrift Share Monday: 100% thrifted outfit


The majority of my recent thrifting has been for clothes, for myself and various friends. While this is necessary, and fun, it's not the most exciting thing to share for Thrift Share Monday. So, today I decided to take a page from Kris' challenge (in which I could not get it together to participate last month) and show you a 100% thrifted outfit.

The sticking point here is shoes--it is damn difficult to thrift size 12 women's shoes, at least if you aren't into orthopedics. But I remembered I had this odd vintage pair that I ran into at a tiny thrift store at least a year ago and have never worn, and lo, an outfit was born!




I'm wearing:
-Ann Taylor Loft gray pants
-Ann Taylor black shell
-Ann Taylor Loft short-sleeved teal cardigan
-vintage Nordstrom red square-heel flats
-Echo red, white, teal, and blue floral silk scarf

All thrifted!

I don't know if this outfit falls under $20 total or not, since some of the elements are from a long time ago. My guess is it goes a bit over, because the tag was still on the shoes and I apparently paid $8 for them. Still, I feel a little bit triumphant! Plus, I think it's awfully cute.

For more Thrift Share Monday goodness, head over to Apron Thrift Girl!


I love those shoes!

GREAT outfit!! I am trying to go the entire year without buying retail clothing. So far so good (except for a pair of running shoes and a Superbowl shirt)

Great outfit! Even if the whole outfit was just over $20 it is still less than a shirt at forever 21... you just can't beat that!

Such a cute outfit & loving the red shoes! Congrats on the fun finds!
Cheers ~ Lara

That is awesome! Great outfit.

OMG, this is cute cute cute! I love thrift stores, but I've been hugely underwhelmed by both the quality and the prices of the thrift stores (mostly Goodwill) where I live now. (Now, where I'm from? FABULOUS stuff, and prices so low, you could limbo under them.) Totes jealous of your adorable finds!

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