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I did a ton of thrifting this weekend, but I haven't photographed anything yet, so I don't have any new booty to share. Rather than sit this Thrift Share Monday out, though, I decided to show you a few previously-thrifed items that haven't yet made it to my Etsy store. I am hoping you all can give me some advice as to whether or not they are worth listing. Sound good?


This is one of those nostalgia purchases I probably should have left at the store. It's a circa-1960s Fisher Price Family Farm. The barn itself is in pretty good shape, but the animals/people the original set came with aren't all here. Still worth trying to sell?


I love this little toy so much! It has a name and "Made in Russia" written on the bottom. The chickens are attached to strings, which are all attached to a wooden ball, so you can bounce it or swing it around and change the speed and cadence at which they peck. Anybody got any idea what it actually is? I'm guessing it's just so tourist souvenir type thing, but I love it anyway.

Maine cookbook, 1967

This is a Maine promotional cookbook, I think, complete in its original mailer box, from 1967. It's one of those things I have no actual use for, but I just couldn't leave in the store. Sellable, you think?

Leonard Silver fruit basket

The tag on this silver fruit basket says "Leonard," but that's all I know about it. Anybody seen one like it? I am not sure it's vintage--it may just have that sort look about it. I haven't yet decided if it's a keeper or a seller.

Jackson Custom China Paul McCobb Falls Creek pattern--13 saucers

These 13 Jackson Custom China Paul McCobb Falls Creek pattern saucers definitely fall under the "why the heck did I buy that?" heading. I don't remember buying them, or what I was thinking when I did. Does anybody see any reason they shouldn't go in my out box?

American Tempo Flatware cocktail forks--16

I believe these individually plastic wrapped cocktail forks, from American Tempo Flatware, are mid-century. However, I have no idea who would want 16 mid-century cocktail forks. Should I try to sell them as a lot? Break them into two sets of 8? Four sets of 4? The mind boggles.

There are tons more, of course. I have a whole room full of stuff that I am not precisely sure why I bought or what I intend to do with. But this is a start. Please, advise me!

For more thrifted finds, head over to Apron Thrift Girl to check out the links!


I had that very same playset as a kid!

My grandma has a very similar silver basket, though I've never seen it used for fruit - only lined with a napkin and filled with rolls for Thanksgiving.

I think the Fisher Price is the most resalable of the items shown here. I might ditch the building and just sell the little people (ebay!)

Just FYI, dishware is heavy, breakable, hard to pack. Was that a 99-cent set or $9.90? Either way, as you said, why the heck? I don't buy dishes any more, having decided not to risk giving my kids lead contaminated food, and that resale is too darn hard.

For the forks, check out They do buy some china patterns and vintage utensils. When I got 8 pieces of STERLING SILVER at a yard sale for $2, I took them right to Replacements for a fast buck. Just FYI, purchase prices are less than 20% of their resale prices. Many china patterns they do not purchase,especially more common pieces.

One more thing - if you can find a GOOD consignment store in your area, specializing in Vintage, then resale becomes so much simpler.

A tiny piece of unsolicited advice. SKIP VINTAGE COOKBOOKS! Here is why:

Focus on the 1-cent part. Amazon sales rank is 1,142,667, which means it sits on your shelf waiting to be bought for 1-cent.

Great finds! I love the's a "pecking hen" swing toy, a really popular traditional Russian plaything for children. They've been made for centuries, and are often hand carved and almost always hand painted. :)

um, grace? I'LL BUY THE BARN & PEOPLE. emery would LOVE it!

Aw - I loved my Fisher Price barn when I was a little girl. That will definitely sell!

Love the barn. I had it as a child and so did everyone else -- very popular indeed! I would think it would sell, but no expertise here.

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