Thrift Share Monday: gettin' my Etsy going


In an effort to curb the amount of cash I am spending at the thrift store, I put myself on a two-week thrifting hiatus and instead focused on getting some of my former finds listed in my long-neglected Etsy shop. In lieu of anything newly thrifted this week, I thought I'd give you a peek as to what is in the shop:

I love this little Catherineholm pan, but I'll never use it, so it's for sale!

These three Pyrex Cinderella bowls, in the Shenandoah pattern, are a new find and one I'm sad to part with, but I just don't have room.

I scored these two Cinderella bowls, in the very popular Spring Blossom pattern, at the same store as the set above! It was Pyrex day.

I've been hanging on to this Horizon Blue Pyrex casserole dish with rack for ages, but it never gets used at my house, so I figured I ought to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it more.

This promotional Golden Hearts pattern Pyrex casserole dish is not the most colorful I've thrifted, but I think it's the most rare. If what I read is correct, it was only produced in one year (1958)!

These West End bean pots from the 1950s are fairly common, but I love them just the same. The design on them just makes me happy. This one is in exceptionally good condition.

This Karoff wooden appetizers tray is probably my favorite of the things I have listed right now. It's just so cute and kitschy!

Finally, I couldn't resist listing these crazy 1970s decals. I have no idea what one would use them for, but how cute is that pineapple?

Part of my recent listing binge is a decluttering effort, but part is financial--I really want to buy an iPad, and have promised myself only to do it if I can use "found" money I wasn't otherwise expecting. I'm about halfway there, but need to make the rest of the cash so now seemed liked a good time to clear out some of my treasures! Anything calling your name?

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I added the set of 3 bowls to my favorites so I don't forget where they are! I'll be back in a couple of weeks when I get paid again. :) Now to find some lids for them...

Pyrex, pyrex, pyrex!! Love it. And the Catherine Holm is gorgeous. I like the demon decal the best.

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