30 for 30, Summer Style


I'm doing it again! Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Remix Challenge! Starting tomorrow, I'll be making 30 outfits out of the 30 items I picked from my closet, no repeat outfits, no clothes shopping!

I wish I had the photographic talent and was willing to put in the effort to show you the pieces I am going to use, like Kendi and others do, but I don't, so some hasty shots taken on my bed will have to suffice:

2 dresses:
30for30 dresses
1. Vintage dress I bought on my last trip to Pittsburgh
2. Ruffle-front black maxi dress (NY & Company)

4 skirts:
30for30 skirts
3. blue and white silk skirt (no tag, thrifted)
4. black, gray, and tan print cotton skirt (Merona, thrifted)
5. black and white polka dot full skirt (Anne Klein, thrifted)
6. blue skirt with floral pattern (St. John's Bay, thrifted)

3 pants:
30for30 pants
7. bootcut jeans (Eddie Bauer, thrifted)
8. black pants (Loft)
9. gray pants (Loft, thrifted)

3 top layers/cardigans:
30for30 covers
10. teal short-sleeved cardigan (Loft, thrifted)
11. white safari shirt/jacket (NY & Company)
13. black short-sleeved cardigan (August Silk via Nordstrom Rack)

6 sleeved tops:
30for30 sleeved tops
14. pink pin-dot cowl neck (Apt. 9, thrifted)
15. white v-neck t-shirt (Gap, thrifted)
16. red and white striped scoop neck t-shirt (Old Navy)
17. black scoop neck t-shirt (Ann Taylor, thrifted)
18. black and blue patterned dolman shirt (Gap Outlet)
19. purple embroidered front shirt (Converse One-Star via Target)

4 sleeveless tops:
30for30 sleeveless tops
20. black pin-tuck collar top (Ann Taylor, thrifted)
21. floral ruffle-front shirt (Old Navy)
22. lavender and white floral pin-tuck collar top (J. Crew, thrifted)
23. green-gray cowl neckline top (NY & Company)

5 pairs of shoes:
30for30 shoes
24. black wedges (Antia, only repeat from my last 30-for-30!)
25. light green strappy heels (Aerosoles)
26. black wedge sandals (Sofft)
27. green high-heeled sandals with studs (A. Marinelli)
28. red flats (Naturalizer)

I left myself two wild-card slots to add things later that I can't foresee needing now, which is kind of a cheat, but I'm OK with that.

Last time I did this, I noticed that I could have used more shoe options, and that I didn't include enough basic layering tops in my choices. I am attempting to fix that this time. Do you see any holes? Any outfit suggestions? Hit me with your ideas in the comments!


Great choices, I can't wait to see how you put them together!

All I can really see is that you might want a solid-color skirt. All your skirts have very distinctive prints.

Linking you up on my blog for my special 30 for 30 section. Let's get thru this together.

You are so organized. You numbered your items. Good luck with your 30 for 30.

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