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As I've mentioned, I've been working pretty hard on my fitness level for the past six months. I joined a gym and have been going fairly regularly. I meant to take regular progress pictures along the way, but ended up more or less forgetting about it for many weeks at a time. Still, I've got a set of three now, and I am seeing progress in my body (though it's honestly nothing compared to how I feel), so I thought I'd share. The first picture is at week 6, the second at week 16, and the third today, at week 25:

Progress picture--week 6Progess picture--week 16Progress picture--week 25

Progress picture--week 6Progress Picture--week 16Progress picture--week 25

Seeing the pictures is really, really helpful. It's motivating, and it makes it really easy to see where I've been. So for those who are on similar journeys, I can't recommend picture taking enough.

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