Holy clothes sales, Batman!


So I dunno if anybody else is having this happen, but I am inundated with clothing sale notifications recently! Seems like all of my favorite retailers are having sales. Since I am conveniently ignoring the "no shopping" part of the 30 for 30, I've definitely partaken in several of them. However, there were a great many things I didn't buy, either because they just didn't make my final cut, don't work for me, or (often) weren't available in my size. Since giving recommendations is like vicarious shopping, I thought I'd browse a few sales and share with you the best goodies I found but didn't purchase myself:


I have been waiting for Boden's Summer Sale since I first saw the summer line. There are so many things I like in it, and Bodens regular prices, even with the 10-15% discount you can usually get, are steep for me. Here are a few summer sale favorites:

Riviera Dress, $90 $49

Silk Feather Maxi, $240 $74

Sassy Silk Dress, $140 $74

Forget-Me-Not Top, $50 $38

Pintuck Skirt, $70 $46

Swishy Cotton Skirt, $70 $51


I buy sale items at Loft often--they have a lot of good sales. Right now, everything is 40%, including already on-sale items. Here are a few picks from that section:

Airy Flowers Tuck Detail Dress, $69 $54.99-40%

Smocked Wedge Top, $34 $29.99-40%

Ann Taylor

As is often the case, AT is having the same sale as Loft-40% off everything. Which, once again, makes their sale section really affordable. A few things I saw:

Cut-In Ruffle Halter, $78 $59.99-40%

Silk Crinkle Short Skirt, $78 $64.99-40%

Signature High-Waisted A-Line Pants, $118 $69.99-40%

Silk Shell with Lace Top, $98 $69.99-40%

Asymmetrical Ruffle Shell, $78 $49.99-40%

Not that I'm encouraging you to shop, or anything...


You should really shop for me.

I love everything you put up there. Where's my windfall so I can buy all the things????

pretty! pretty! I'm not shopping for a year so thank goodness for the freepiles/clothes swaps or these would be really tempting;)

The Riviera dress is lovely!

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