My summer style plan


A few months back, I posted about the type of style I'd like to have for spring. The style I was drawn to then was very ladylike--cardigans, kitten heels, charm bracelets. While I still like that style, I am craving something very different for summer. Something almost opposite. I thought I'd give you a peek.

This is how I would like to dress this summer:

Floor length maxi dress
$28 -

Floral print dress
$20 -

Tribal print dress
30 GBP -

Old Navy flower top
$25 -

H M printed top
9.99 GBP -

Naturalizer wedge heel shoes
$59 -

Nine West open toe shoes
$53 -

Clutch bag
$25 -

Kirra straw bag
$30 -

$38 -

Hive Honey leaves jewelry
$18 -

Chain jewelry
$14 -

Sparkle jewelry
$34 -

Dangle necklace
$19 -

I want my summer style to focus on comfort, breeziness, and pattern and color. I love the idea of an army of maxi dresses, worn with colorful, fun jewelry. I want to feel free.

Here are some ways my summer style ideal is a change from the one I had for this spring:

1. I am sick to death of skinny jeans--bring on the flares!
2. No more subtle color--make it bright!
3. Forget about that attempt at preppy (argyle sweater vest?)--I'm a hippy at heart.
4. No more inspiration from the 50s--let's take some from the 70s.
5. No more blowing out my hair, I am going to wear it wavy and natural or throw it up in a messy summer bun.
6. Less jewelry is not more. More jewelry is more.

Basically, I want to make my summer style a whole lot less martini and a whole lot more cold beer. What do you think? What are you lusting to wear this summer?


Love this. I'm totally stealing about half of that.

We are twinsies this summer. I am in a tie-dyed dress, hair in braided buns. Lol.
Wan the black dress bad!

I'm also changing things up for the summer! I haven't worn skirts on a regular basis in YEARS (at least 10), but I'm slowly introducing them back into my wardrobe. Change is good. :)

You are the polivore Queen, Gracie.

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