Summer 30 for 30 Day 1: 9 + 14 + 26


Since today is the first day of the summer 30 for 30, and I want to make a good impression, I thought I'd take arty photos! Just kidding. In reality, I forgot to take the macro setting off the camera and my pictures are very out-of-focus. Sorry about that. Not exactly an auspicious beginning.

But it's not exactly an auspicious outfit, either, so I guess that works. The reality is that I woke up late, I have a cold, and this is what I threw on. It will only go up from here, right?




I'm wearing:
#9 AT Loft gray wide legged pants (thrifted)
#14 Apt. 9 pink pin-dot cowl neck (thrifted)
#26 Sofft black wedge sandals

-Mossimo white tank top (Target)
-silver bangle (no idea)
-white and silver bib necklace (NY & Company)

Not that you can tell in these pictures, but I also got a really good haircut this weekend, at a new salon. So I'll be reviewing that place later--if you happen to be local to me, keep an eye out for that!


Hey Grace, the pink top is super cool! Love that you are mixing thrift store stuff in (and that you are dressed in thrifted stuff & proud) Very cool project idea!

Pretty in pink.

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