Summer 30 for 30 Day 2: 4 + 15 + 28


Things are looking much better today! I'm happier with this outfit, the pictures are in focus, and I am even feeling a little bit better.

I like the sorta 80s vibe of this, without going too ridiculously 80s. I am also really loving my new jewelry, which is from Forever 21! I never would have guessed they'd have so much fun stuff, but they really do.I made a pretty big order recently, so look for more pieces from them in future posts.

Also, I wanted to give a shout-out of thanks to Kris at A Thrifty LA Life for adding me to her Go-To 30 for 30-ers list! Kris' blog is a recent favorite of mine, and I am really excited to see how she remixes her mostly-thrifted and totally fabulous wardrobe for this challenge. I definitely recommend checking in on her, and I'll be having a look at the other blogs on her list, as well.

Now, the outfit:




I'm wearing:
#4 Merona black, tan, white, and gray full printed skirt (thrifted)
#15 Gap white v-neck t-shirt (thrifted)
#28 Naturalizer red flats (Zappos or Shoebuy)

-Forever 21 Outback Spiral Bracelet
-Forever 21 Assorted Charms Necklace


So sweet. Thanks for the shout out. Perfect skirt for remixing - love the colors.

I LOVE that skirt! You look great!

Love the combo of solid tee and floral skirt. I've planned to do the combo as well. So chic yet frugal! :)


Cute outfit! I really like the necklace also.
Lately I've been quite into Forever 21 jewelry as well. They have a huge selection and the prices are really reasonable.
Good luck with the next 28 days:)

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