Summer 30 for 30 Day 3: 3 + 23 + 25


This skirt is one of the challenge pieces for me in this 30 for 30--I thrifted it recently, and I love it--the silk fabric, the pattern, the drape, it's great. However, I haven't quite figured out to wear it yet. It's navy and white, and those aren't colors I use much, and it's silk, a fabric I don't wear that much, so I am not quite sure how to pair it yet. So I decided to add it to my 30 for 30 set to force myself to wear it.

And I think this kinda works. What do you think?



In this one, I think I'm trying to show you how impressed I am with myself that it took 3 days for me to pull out the wide elastic belts:


I'm wearing:
#3 blue and white silk skirt (no tag, thrifted)
#23 New York & Company green-gray sleeveless cowl neck (old)
#25 Aerosoles Women's South Role sandals (

-cream and blue Forever 21 stretchy belt (no longer available, from what I can tell)
-Exotic Bangles brown and burgundy silk wrapped bangles (Etsy)
-Superhero Chlorine necklace


Good luck on the 30 for 30 challenge! It looks like you are off to a great start. 3 down, only 27 to go. - Katy

A look that could easily translate into an evening out, very nice!

Love this look on you. The skirt it great and I love the shoes.

This looks spectacular! I love the belt, too, very sexy. Am I the only geek who is adding the numbers together, literally? Today is a 51, which has factors of 1,3,17, and 51. Also, all three components are odd numbers, and two of them are primes.

(Pay no attention to that geek behind the curtain!)

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