Summer 30 for 30 Day 4: 5 + 13 + 24


So I looked at my clothes rack this morning, loaded with its meager fewer-than-30 items, and groaned. I did not want to wear ANY of this stuff. How long does it take to get sick of 30 for 30? Apparently, for me, 4 days.

But I knew this would happen, and had decided upon two coping strategies for days like today well in advance:

1. Wear old standbys. A day like today is a bad time to try to be creative. Just get something I know works on my body and get out of the house.

2. Cheat. Just a little.

Today, I employed both strategies. Both the skirt and the shoes are old standbys--pieces I have worn a lot and know I am comfortable with. The tank top is a cheat--it's not a 30 for 30 item. I decided at the beginning that since tanks under things are a summer wardrobe staple for me and I wear so many of them, it wasn't going to be reasonable to include them in my 30 for 30 items unless I wanted to wear the same one over and over. So, the rule I set is that as long as I am not going to wear them alone, with nothing over them, tanks are freebies.

And it all turned out OK.



Plus? This skirt has pockets. That improves everything, pretty much. Which is apparently why I felt the need to smirk about it in this picture.


I'm wearing:
#5 Anne Klein full polka-dot skirt (thrifted)
#13 August Silk short sleeved black cardigan (Nordstrom Rack)
#24 Antia black wedges (Shoebuy)

-Banana Republic red tank top (outlet)
-Forever 21 Matte Bead Necklace
-silver concentric circles necklace as bracelet (thrifted)


I love this skirt!

That is a GREAT outfit. That could totally be a day into evening outfit if you had plans for an after-work event.

That is an OSM outfit -- I love the skirt so much!

LOVE the skirt!

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