Summer 30 for 30 Day 6 & 7


We had a busy out-of-town weekend, and I have to say, having only by 30 for 30 options while packing made things a lot easier!

On Saturday, we had a memorial picnic for Mark's grandmother, who passed away this spring, followed by dinner at a Spanish restaurant with Mark's parents.

2 + 28




I was really happy with this outfit. It was comfortable for the 4+ hours I spent in the car in the morning, and appropriate for both the outdoor picnic in the afternoon and dinner in the evening. I felt like I looked really cute, too!

I wore:
#2 New York & Company Ruffle-Front Maxi Dress
#28 red Naturalizer flats

-Forever 21 Boho necklace
-Frosted Williow woodland bangle bracelets (Etsy)

On Sunday, we had a nice Father's Day brunch with Mark's parents, brother, and SIL, and headed back home. I needed something appropriate for a nice brunch in the city that I could still wear in the car, and what I wore worked out OK. I didn't take these pictures until we got home at around 11pm, though, after I'd had it on all day, so it comes off a bit sloppier than it actually was. Earlier in the day my shirt was tucked in, and I was wearing a belt.

6 + 10 + 28




I'm wearing:
#6 St. John's Bay blue skirt with floral pattern (thrifted)
#10 Loft short-sleeved teal cardigan (thrifted)
#28 red Naturalizer flats

-green tank top (Target)
-Exotic Bangles teal wrapped bangles (Etsy)
-Betsey Johnson charm necklace (Ebay)


Beautiful, Grace!

Cute weekend garb!

want those shoes! except I can't wear flats. i wouldn't have thought of them with that skirt and yet I love it.

I think that second outfit is the favourite thing I've ever seen you in!

The black dress is magnifique! So gorgeous and sophisticated.

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