Summer style, take 1


This morning, I made an attempt to put together an outfit following my new summer style ideals and...came up pretty short. I'm telling myself that this was just the first try and I'll get better.

Also, I have no idea why I am posing so strangely in these pictures. Nice to take them outside, though!




Yeah, like I said. First attempt. These jeans do nothing for me, but they are the closest thing I have to jeans that fit, so I should probably do something about that. I do like the jewelry. The scarf didn't last--it slipped off before I got to work.

Baby steps towards new style, y'all!

-J. Jill trouser jeans
-Old Navy cowl neck gray tank (thrifted)
-Aerie turquoise camisole (thrifted)
-Sofft wedge sandals (Nordstrom Rack)
-vintage silk scarf (thrifted)
-Coldwater Creek bead and brass necklace (thrifted)
-gold interlocking hoops necklace (thrifted)
-turquoise beaded cuff bracelet (not sure)


I like the look. Where I work, the temp is kept at a frosty 68 degrees, so I am almost always wearing a cardigan at work. So the layering is a must! :)

How cute are you in this post!? I love it!

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