This is not a skirt.


It's going to be 100 degrees with high humidity and poor air quality today in our nation's lovely capital. Might as well have stayed in Texas! Since there is really no outfit I could wear to work that would be appropriate for this weather (my workplace frowns on nakedness), I decided to go with something very simple. And definitely to wear a skirt, for air flow. Except then I realized that every single pair of pettipants or bike shorts I own is in the laundry. So I wore pants.

Still, I like how it turned out.




I mixed my threaded and silver bangles today, for a total bangle count of 22. I am really, really loving bangles right now.


I'm wearing:
-Ann Taylor Loft Julie wide-leg gray trousers (thrifted)
-Ann Taylor black pleated neck sleeveless shirt (thrifted)
-Antia black wedges (Shoebuy)
-silver and turquoise three-tiered necklace (NY & Company)
-thread bangle bracelets (Ebay)
-silver bangle bracelets (no idea)


I'm loving the way the bangles look on you (and on Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen). I could see that being a fun way to accessorize. But, don't they get in the way when you are typing? I've always had a hard time with bracelets of any sort!

Love this outfit, even if it wasn't what you had expected.

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