Thrift Share Monday: on the way to Etsy


I haven't posted many Thrift Share Mondays recently, because I haven't been doing a lot of interesting thrifting! I have been trying to get some of my thrifted stockpile sold or given away, though, which is always an arduous process. I photographed a few things last night to put up on Etsy (hopefully today...), so I thought I'd show you those.

David Douglas carafe
This David Douglas carafe is, by my best guess, from the 60s. Anybody know anything else about it? Looks like it should have come with a warmer, but I didn't find it that way.

Cathay platter and bowls
I think I've shown you this Taylorstone Cathay set before--it's a small platter and five shallow bowls (I think they were marketed as "berry bowls"). I love this pattern so much. It is, as far as I know, a 50s/60s pattern.

Pyrex Butterprint Cinderella bowl set
This is a great set--three mint condition Pyrex Cinderella bowls in the Butterprint pattern. I actually bought all three at separate locations and separate times, but they are all similarly unused looking. Pyrex started making this pattern in 1957, but I'm not sure how long they manufactured it for.

Pyrex Old Orchard mixing bowl set
This is Pyrex set in less stellar condition. It's the Old Orchard pattern, and the bowls, particularly the mid-sized one, have visible scratches/wear around their bottoms. I couldn't resist them, though, because they were so familiar to my late 70s/early 80s childhood self. I think my stepmother may have had this actual set, or maybe fridgies in this print? At any rate, they made me nostalgic.

Pyrex atomic carafe
This carafe is also Pyrex, and I think it's again from the early 60s. It's probably my current favorite piece--I just love the shape of it.

I am realizing that thrifting dishes for profit is just not a niche I am going to succeed in, so I'm desperately trying to stop buying more stuff than I can use or store. It's so difficult, though! These pieces are so gorgeous, and so full of history. I hate leaving them on the shelf.

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Those items are gorgeous!!

I really like Pyrex and use it all the time, though I'm being more careful not to put it in the dishwasher since it seems to make it dull. Good luck with etsy. I have two shops and have just re-opened them after over a year being closed. You're right ... it's arduous to get things listed ans sold.

I love that Pyrex carafe! Really nice find!

Oooh full set of Butterprints, they look like they're in such great condition too!

I have a pyrex 4 cup server just like the one in the picture with an original card in it showing the price at $1.59.

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