2011 Goals Check-In #6

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Wow, half the year gone already! Let's see how I'm doing on these goals:

1. Read 30 books.
Utter fail. Still at the same 13 books I was at last month. Goal for July: read a damn book.

2. Get at least one new stamp on my passport.
Still on hold until the fall, but we're starting to make plans!

3. Blog 5 times a week.
Killed this one--33 blog posts in 30 days!

4. Journal every day.
Dropped this one.

5. Cook dinner at least once a week.
Didn't cook at all this month.

6. Fully fund my 401k.
Still contributing 6%.

7. Save $15,000.
Progress! Last's month's balance was $2,915.72, this month's is $3,919.73. I expect to be able to make an extra deposit of at least $1,000 in July, too.

8. Excel at my new job.
Things are still going extremely well.

9. Make one positive health change per month.
I recommitted to the gym and started paying attention to fruits and vegetables this month, particularly towards the end.

10. Re-institute monthly date night.
We did a movie date earlier in the month, so check on this on.

All in all, a pretty good month. For July, I want to make sure and READ SOMETHING and continue my savings and nutrition work.


Keep up the good work, Grace!

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