An unexpected skirt


The weather has reached the point where I think everyone should just feel blessed that I am wearing clothes at all. I have no idea why 100+ in DC is so much harder to deal with than 100+ in Austin, but it is. So, when I got dressed this morning, my major thought was "how few clothes can I get away with?"

And then I spotted this skirt. I thrifted it on a whim a month or so ago and didn't really think I'd ever wear it. I am not really a Lilly Pulitzer girl, you know? But something drew me to its pink glory, and so I picked it up (for 50% off--it was something like $3). And when I put it on this morning, I declared it perfect for a too-damn-hot Friday. And the red shoes with it? That's just an added bonus. Either it's my risky fashion statement or my feet hurt too much for heels and these are the only comfortable flats I own. You choose which explanation you'd like to believe.

What do you think?




I'm wearing:
-Lilly Pulitizer tiered pink skirt (thrifted)
-Old Navy sleeveless cowl neck gray shirt
-red Naturalizer flats
-turquoise stone necklace (gift)
-jade and pearl earrings (gift)


I am NOT a Lily Pulizer girl, but I really dig that skirt! Very fun!

I haven't been here in so long... too long. You are looking amazing and I dig the new look of the blog!

I agree about Lily Pulitzer, but I do think this is a really cute outfit!

I AM SO a Lilly Pulitzer girl (if I could afford it) and I love it!

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