Another capri pants combo

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It's back to being a jillion degrees, so I dug the short capris back out today and decided I'd try them with my new platform sandals. I'm not loving it. I think the top and bottom are just too plain, even with the three Superhero necklaces. You live and learn.




Detail of the sandals, which I really do like:


I'm wearing:
-Ann Taylor curvy cut navy capris (outlet)
-Old Navy Flutterer Sleeve Embellished Top in Calla Lily
-Naturalizer Nuevo sandals in Coffee Bean (
-Superhero necklaces


Hi! I like swinging by your blog occasionally to check out your fashion. :) Love these sandals! I think you're on the right track with this outfit... I would try a long necklace or two with it next time. But, gotta love the shoes!

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