I have never liked capri pants. I think they tend to make legs look short and stumpy, particularly mine, which is odd, given that I'm 6 feet tall. For years, they were simply a no. However, in recent summers I've slowly begun to try them out, and the conclusion to which I've come is that the shape of the pants and the shoes they are worn with are both really key. So, today, when our heat index is threatening 110 (which even at 8am you can see in my hair), I paired a slim, short pair with heels, and I actually really like the result:




I'm wearing:
-Simply Vera Wang asymetrical hem top (thrifted)
-Ann Taylor navy capri pants (outlet sore)
-Sofft navy blue embellished Mary Jane heels (Zappos)
-threaded bangle bracelets (Ebay and Amazon)

Now, on to more important matters! Look at What If No One's Watching! If you're on a reader, please click through! I've been wanting a new look for the site for a long time and I am so so thrilled with what my fantastic friend/web designer came up with! Tell me this isn't perfect? There are still a few kinks being un-kinked, though, so please let me know if you come across anything that looks wonky or doesn't work.


Love the outfit, and love love LOVE the new look!

I also love the new look!

And I agree about capris. They have to be quite short or else I feel like I look like I just couldn't find pants that are long enough.

The blog looks great!

There is a "sweet spot" for Capri length. I have a pair that has an adjustable length that. I like depending on shoes and top and whatnot.

Also, I'm kinda in awe of your thrifting ability!

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