Stepping up the business casual


As you may have noticed, the warmer it gets, the more casual my business casual gets. I think that's pretty natural--hot weather doesn't make most people want to dress up. However, there are certain days (like today) where it's necessary to give the impression not that I am dressed formally, but that I am taking my daily business casual wear seriously (if that makes any sense at all). I have both a lunch meeting and an after-work happy hour today, neither of which necessitates a suit, but both of which necessitate me looking as if I'm trying. And I think this is a pretty good outfit for that type of situation.



The timer caught me trying to fix my shirt and looking down in this picture, so it's a bonus shot of my crazy part:


I'm wearing:
-Ann Taylor Loft wide legged gray trousers (thrifted)
-Gap sleeveless purple, gray, and teal print pleat-front blouse
-Gap black lightweight half-sleeved cardigan
-Softspots purple suede wedges
-purple wooden bead bracelet (Anika Burke)
-pressed flower pendant necklace (gift)


I like this outfit a lot.

I love this outfit!

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