Summer 30 for 30 Day 19: 7 + 19 + 28


At first glance, there is absolutely nothing exciting about this outfit. But I do find it exciting. Why? This purple shirt, #19 in my 30 for 30 items? It was the only thing I hadn't worn yet. With this outfit, I have worn every single item I picked out at least once. That totally feels like victory.


What am I doing with my feet in this picture? I have no idea.


And here, this picture taking is suddenly very. serious. business. Also, I am pointing thighs? Again, no idea.


I'm wearing:
#7 Eddie Bauer curvy bootcut jeans (thrifted)
#19 Converse purple embroidered detail shirt (Target)
#28 Naturalizer red flats

-Steinveka enamel pendant necklace (Etsy)
-three string glass bead necklace (gift)


That's a really nice outfit! I love how the red shoes and the purple top go.

I love the red and purple together! You look beautiful, as always!

Am I really commenting on those red flats again? LOL! They reminded me to tell you that I found a super cute pair of red sandals yesterday, but I'm still on the hunt for flats. I love this outfit so much. Purple + red = awesome!

Really like this outfit!!

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