Summer 30 for 30 Day 27-29


So I had a major weekend Summer 30 for 30 fail. I wore 30 for 30 clothes, but I never took pictures. I was out of town all weekend, visiting a friend with infant twins, and I just didn't get to the picture taking portion of my days. I thought just skipping them altogether and making today Day 27, but honestly, I am sick to death of my 30 for 30 clothes and ready for this whole thing to be over, so you're just going to have to take my word for the boring outfits I wore:

Day 27: 30 (black Merona shorts) + 19 (purple Converse One-Star top) + 28 (red Naturalizer flats)

Day 28: 30 (black Merona shorts) + 21 (Old Navy floral ruffle front shirt) + 28 (red Naturalizer flats)

Which brings us to today, Day 29. In which my camera is once again malfunctioning.




I'm wearing:
#9 gray Loft pants (thrifted)
#18 black and blue patterned Gap dolman sleeve shirt
#24 Antia black wedges

-Old Navy blue camisole
-Betsey Johnson charm necklace (Ebay)
-Jewelmint Scarab ring


Just be done with it and enjoy fashion again. I won't judge, especially since I failed much earlier in the game. Weekend trips seem to be the downfall for a 30 for 30 challenge. When I visited my girlfriend a couple weeks ago, I just couldn't fathom stopping our festivities just to have a photo shoot. Friends and fun first, then fashion. ; )

Great outfit! And I'm jealous of your weekend trip!

have you gotten any other jewelmint stuff? I have one of their things I really love.

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