Target kicks maxi dress a**!


I am a maxi dress freak. For several months (or maybe weeks, time is so hard to keep) I've been scouring stores and the Internets for the best maxi dresses in the land. I pinned them on Pinterest. I made a set on Polyvore:

Maxi dresses

And I shopped. I tried on. I ordered. I sent back. I hit big stores and small ones, lots of price points. I feel, at this point, that I can say the following with some authority:

The best maxi dresses are at Target.

I have purchased THREE maxi dresses from Target this season, and they are fabulous:

The first dress I bought is from the Calypso collection, which has moved off and on and back off clearance online over the past few weeks.The retail (and current online price) is $39.99, but I was lucky to snag it while it was 30% off:

The next two dresses I bought in-store, for full-price ($29.99 each). My buying something in-store, full-price at Target never, ever happens, but both dresses are absolutely perfect.

Crochted back:

There are other really cute maxis at Target, as well, including lots of great plus-sized options. Were I to be looking for more maxis (which I'm not! I swear! This MADNESS HAS TO END!), I'd definitely be checking Target out. Maybe for one of these?

Target maxis


You are evil and must be destroyed. I DO NOT need to be looking at new clothes! I need to be at the gym so I can get new clothes in a smaller size!! You are an enabler! An enabler I tell you! A pox on you!

But not really those were really cute....

I saw the purple and white one this morning. I neeeeed it!

oh my gosh, I LOVE the purple ones! PLEASE post pictures of you wearing them!

I looked at the Calypso line when it was first released and I really like the tie-dye maxi dress. I think even my 12 year old might wear that!

I bought 3 of the multi-twist option maxi dresses in Coral for $28 each on clearance online. They are for my daughter's bridesmaids, and they are IN LOVE! These are bridesmaids dresses with a future long life of repeated wear! Just perfect for a potentially hot Texas wedding May 2012. Not asking them to pay for them either...So much better than the $200 apiece we were looking at that was a slightly different material but similar style. SCORE!!!

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