Another way in which I am not a fashion blogger


So there are a lot of fashion/style blogs out there. I keep meaning to do a round-up of some of my favorites, but not getting around to it. And I want to join them. Kinda. But with something a bit more...real. See, I am never going to have expensive clothes, artistic poses, or (probably) even good pictures. I just show you the clothes I am wearing. Sometimes, they rock. Often, they look kinda bad. Like the capris I have on today. I keep trying to make them work, but they just...well, my first thought when looking at today's photos was that they bunch in the front and look like a diaper. Aren't you glad I feel equipped to give you fashion advice? At least the top is cute.



I'm wearing:
-Eddie Bauer black capri pants (thrifted)
-Ann Taylor red, black, white, and gray print top (outlet)
-Naturalizer Oshee black flats (
-red interlocking circle necklace (old, no idea)
-silver charm bracelets (Ebay)


Okay - you DO NOT look like you're wearing a diaper! And yes, I think you are equipped to give style advice because for one thing, you've thrifted pants from a high(er) quality, classic brand as opposed to a fast-fashion mecca. That's smart thrifting!

Dump these capris! you won't miss them, not one bit.

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