BlogHer swag giveaway!



This is a bag. A bag of swag. This bag of swag came from BlogHer, where I hunted and gathered it from vendors, parties, the swag exchange room, and occasionally the sidewalk. It represents the sum total (well, minus a few small things I hoarded for myself) of my take from the swag extravaganza that is BlogHer.

And I'm giving it to you!

I decided before I even went to the conference this year that I wanted to gather up as much good shit as I could find and give it away. However, I may have slightly underestimated the mass. I believe I have enough here to pack up THREE flat-rate boxes. So that's what I am gonna do.

To enter, leave me a comment and tell me something you'd like to see here at WINOW in the next year. I am hoping to make some changes and really start improving my game, and I need your help to do that. For extra entries, FB or Tweet about this contest, or WINOW in general, and leave extra comments telling me you did. Don't forget to leave an email!

The contest will run for two weeks, until August 24.

For the curious, there are products in that bag from/sponsored by:
-Koko Accessories
-Eden Fantasys
-As Seen on TV/Cool TV Offers
-Healthy Women
-Red Envelope/Shari's Berries
-Dr. Scholl's
-Anti-Monkey Butt
-Mighty Leaf
-Cotton Incorporated
-CVS Pharmacy/Minute Clinic
-Star 50 Handbags
-Modify Watches
-fresh & easy
-5-Hour Energy
-flip flop wines
-Best Buy
-Mom's Clean Air Force
-Dove Chocolate
-Paper Coterie

A huge thank you to all of these sponsors, as well as the ones from whom I didn't collect. I'll get you next year!


Am I the first? I want to see maternity fashion. ;)


I'd like to see more about how you think the place/way you were raised impacts the choices you are making now.

Hmm. A year is a long time. I'd love some thrifting how-to. And more dress you up.

Facebooked and tweeted.

Maybe fitting room reviews when you go shopping? Those are always fun.

I loved the Happy Housewife theme....and philosophy on how to balance home, life, work, and shopping.

I would love to see another great series like the happy housewife series. I think that was my favorite time on your blog.

Just started reading. I'd like more posts about your thrifting strategy... I feel like I'm rarely successful because I don't know what I'm doing.

I just started reading, and I'd LOVE to see more about hard to fit body types. Like my butt is a size 10, but the post baby tummy flap makes me a 14....that kind of thing.

I really liked your happy housewife series. That was actually what got me started reading your blog. Other challenges like that would be interesting. I also like your dress me up posts.

I really enjoy your style makeovers, and I'd love to see more of that. I also really like seeing all of your thrifted stuff, and I'd love to read more about how you go about the process of thrifting and actually getting good stuff out of it. It can be overwhelming!

I'd REALLY love to see more random pics of your animal babies, and stories about them. I love the housewife cooking, especially. I have lacked the ability to cook real food for so long now that I really like seeing other people's ideas!

I'd love to see you do some mental health writing, mostly because I'm always interested in hearing new voices but also because I think it's something that needs to be raised again and again in social consciousness. Too many people write off mental health issues as fringe or odd when the reality is that 1 in 5 of us will have to come to grips with mental illness at least once in our lives.



I like when you do makeup reviews and I am excited to read what you write about the upcoming season of SOA.

I like plus size fashion info. and makeover/question answering.

This is kind of a weird contest, because I could have gotten my own swag, but I suck so very much at it and I'd love to see what you found.

I'm always a sucka for more animal stories. You know how I am.

I would love to see more reviews!!

I'm another one who loved the Happy Housewife series -- maybe a Happy Housewife on the Weekend series?

I'd love to hear more about your fur babies.

I'd love to see more about finding a style that suits you. It seems like you and a lot of outfit bloggers look so comfortable and "yourself" in your clothes, something I find hard to manage. It's also interesting to read what others have to say about their style :)

I, too, am a new reader (from the Remixers list!) so I apologize if you've written something on that and I just haven't gotten to it yet!

I've just discovered your blog, thanks to your "still not married, thanks for asking post!" so I'll have to do some more hunting before I can tell you what I'd like to see more of. At this point, I like what I see!

More thrifting! More showing us what you end up doing with your new thrift findings around the house!

Awesome stuff. I love your thrift posts and I'd love to see more! I'm a thrift store junkie and I love seeing what other people find!

Love to see lots more thrifting and thrifting info.

I would love to see more giveaways
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Hi Grace,
I love reading your blog. Mostly I love the fashion stuff like your 30 for 30 series. That and the thrifting. I also love reading everything you Weirton body acceptance sine that is an issue I struggle with.
I would like to see recurring topics, or series like posts. Like when you did the 50's homemaker.
And more food posts. I love reading about restaurants you and mark go to.
Keep it up.

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