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Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

I was jazzed that this month's Everybody Everywear challenge is pattern mixing. I've been attempting pattern mixing a lot this summer, in a fairly subtle way. Though I'm hardly an expert now, I am slightly more confident in doing it than I was in June. So, today, I went with what has worked so far:



I'm wearing:
-Merona thrifted skirt (#1 summer wardrobe staple!)
-Gap thrifted blue and gray striped scoopneck tee
-Softspots purple suede wedges
-silver owl pendant (from Ebay, I think)

This skirt has been my pattern-mixing go-to. I've done it a couple of other times:


I've also made a couple of pattern mixing attempts without it:


What do you think? Are you a pattern mixing yay or nay?


I think I am pretty creative with my clothing, but I don't mix patterns often and not really sure why. I have tried stripes with florals and polka-dots in small doses, but rarely do more because I feel on me it looks weird. But it looks great on you, and I see others rock it as well. Need to keep playing with my wardrobe I guess!

I am a pattern mixing yay, for sure, but a cautious yay. It's usually a struggle for me when I try to do it, but I've never not been pleased with the results.

I love that you used a neutral color scheme for today's outfit - I think that actually might make mixing patterns a little easier. I'll have to try that next time.

Excellent pattern mixing! Perhaps I'm saying that because your outfit looks similar to the one I put together :) This was my first attempt, and I see you've got practice. I like the other ways you styled the skirt,

Normally I'm a staunch nay, but your first pic in particular shows pattern mixing can be done quite nicely!

I am a pattern mixing "yay", with certain limitations. I am loving the monochromatic pattern mixing on you - it works so well! Also, do I spy a Hedwig tattoo? Awesome!

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