Playing with color


As I was getting dressed this morning, I was thinking about color. I thrifted this skirt a few weeks ago, and I like it a lot, but I find the lavender and yellow color palette really challenging. I don't generally do pastels, or light colors in general, and I'm never quite sure how to mix them in on the rare occasion I do find a piece I like in that color range. I've tried the skirt on with black on top, and with white, and neither of those options thrilled me.

So, this morning, I decided to step outside my comfort zone a little bit and try the pastel skirt with a bright, but also unexpected for me, color on top. After trying a couple of things, I decided I liked this bright coral t-shirt best. There isn't, as far as I know, a color wheel explanation for the combination of lavender and coral, but they're really working for me. I added a green stone necklace and metallic shoes and was done!



Also, a bonus shot of the recently shaved Illy!

I'm wearing:
-Isaac Mizrahi for Target lavender with yellow butterfly skirt (thrifted)
-Old Navy Ruched V-Neck Tee in Coral Sizzle
-Me Too metallic wedges (Nordstrom Rack)
-"L" typewriter key necklace (gift)
-green stone necklace (gift)


Grace, that is really flattering on you. :)

This outfit really goes with your Twitter handle, Gracie.

I had mentioned this blog to you in passing, about how she takes her photos outside:

Even in the snow...


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