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I woke up late today. That makes 4/4 days this week I've woken up late, and probably something around the 80% mark all-time. I do not wake up well. I also do not pick out my clothes the night before--I'm a morning dresser. If you're thinking that this explains a lot about how I dress, you're right! I do have a tendency to stick with formulas, where I know if I grab one thing each from A, B, and C categories, it will probably work.

I thought that for this summer, my dressing formula, or uniform, would be maxi dress-based. It hasn't worked out that way. I know people have all manner of differing opinions on this, but, for me, maxi dresses don't feel all that office appropriate. I keep trying, but it isn't something I'm comfortable enough with to base my uniform around. Instead, I have been relying heavily on the following:

printed knee-length skirt, generally a-line or full + fitted plain colored top + sandals or flats

Today is no exception:



Sometimes I wear a belt. I usually wear a necklace and/or bracelets. But I go back to this formula time and time again.

Want me to prove it? Between June 1 and now, I've captured the following variations in photographs:


As far as formulas go, I think this is an easily wearable and generally cute one to have, but my goodness--I think I need to branch out!

Do you have a dressing formula, or a uniform you reach for day after day?


It's a good uniform. My favorite summer uniform is a cap-sleeved dress; winter allows for a little more variation.

Your formula is much better than mine. Mine is tank top + comfortable pants/skirt + flip flops.

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