They say it's my birthday, an Etsy list


My birthday is right around the corner, and, as has become my habit, I want to have a...subtle suggestion list for anybody who might want to get me a gift. This also gives me the opportunity to highlight some of the Etsy shops I've had my eye on lately, which is always a fun thing to do. So, my birthday wish list, all via Etsy:

I have been after a yo-yo necklace from cookoorikoo for ages now. I love everything about them--their size, the great fabric choices, the vintage embellishments. Some are even on sale right now!

I learned about the state shape necklaces made by tru.che when they were rudely ripped off by Urban Outfitters, and have wanted one ever since. Which one? Oregon, of course!

Lisa Rupp's hand-designed floral dishtowels are so, so beautiful. And we all know I have a bit of a dish towel obsession...

The tiny air plant terrariums offered by TortoiseLovesDonkey are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen, and they get cuter the more of them there are. I'd love one of the 3-month subscriptions, where they send three tiny air plants each month for three months to help you build your own tiny collection.

I think I may have shared these on the blog before, but I am still absolutely crazy about the scrap wood art pieces made by paint square. And I have a partner who loves to buy me art....hint, hint!

I really, really, really want a custom Sohomode tea dress. Really really bad.

I've been wanting a silver cage ring, and this one from The Silver Artisan is the prettiest I've seen.

I could go on and on, of course, but these are my current favorites. Anything you know I should add?


wow, I hope you two change your mind about kids. you're pretty self centered- it's all about Grace.
This is the bag we were talking about at breakfast.

As for the previous coment? Haters are going to hate.

I am IN LOVE with the dress.

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