I haven't been doing a lot of thrifting lately--time has been extremely short. And when I do thrift, I tend towards the practical. Yesterday wasn't really an exception on that count--my biggest finds were a pair of Not Your Daughter jeans and two pairs of Loft slacks. However, I also snagged a couple of slightly more interesting vintage things:

Buch Belgium casserole

Buch Belgium casserole

This casserole dish is marked Boch Made in Belgium at the bottom, and I believe it is circa mid-late 60s. I found similar dishes online, but not in this pattern. Anybody recognize it?

Wooden spool thread

I cannot resist wooden spools of thread. I don't sew. I have absolutely no use for them, and yet, they call to me. This new-in-package set of Belding Corticelli Poly-Bond Bel-Waxed sewing thread is probably my best wooden spool find ever. Again, I think late 60s's-early 70s? The boxes are marked with the original price--30 cents each!

Been thrifting recently? What have you found?

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There's something about wooden spools that I can't resist either! Great find! And I love that casserole...the print on the side is so pretty.

My favorite pair of jeans are my not your daughters jeans! Great find as well!

i don't sew..but i love wooden spools too! they don't even have to have thread!

I'm joining the crowed - I love wooden spools! Not a sewer either. I think the root of my love for them is they remind me of my grandmother.

I love your wooden spools and I think your casserole is Boch Rambouillet.

I have a few cups from that pattern--little four ounce demitasse cups. I pickrd them up at a st vinnies in Oregon, where I live. They have this bizarre selection of poor quality semi antique furniture and housewares from england, as well as local castoffs. When I find something really cool, it's often imported.

I just picked up a tea set of Boch Rambouillet in this pattern. I haven't been able to track down more precisely when they were produced... yet. Replacement dishes for this pattern seem to be pretty easy to find online, but every time I see something in the pattern it is a new kind of dish. I think I'm missing some parts of the tea set, but I don't seem to be missing any individuals of the components I have so that's a plus.

Dear Grace,

You suck.

Jealous of your awesome wooden spool collection. ;)

P.S. Once you have kids about 4 or 5, you will find tons of uses for all those spools. That's why I collect them now while Charley is still nursing. I only have THREE YEARS to amass a large collection!

I'm jealous of the wooden spools too, but I would actually use the thread for sewing!

Great finds!

Wow, I can't decide if that dish is ugly or cool looking. I really can't. The wooden spools are neat though. I have a bunch left over from my mom.

(Not sure if I should add that this is for contest entry, but I will anyway.)

The casserole is in the Boch Rambouillet pattern and was produced in La Louviere Belgium probably in 1966, for their 125th anniversary. In the late 50's and 60' they've produced a lot in the same sort of colours and patterns, there's Noix, Rambouillet, Argenteuil, Bernadette, In the mood, Corfou and Kimono, and then one other sort which I don't know the name of and is my favorite.

I'm looking for the original price of Boch in the 60's, if anyone knows anything that could help me, that would be great! (I'm doing a school work on it)

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