A few fall fashion ideas I don't hate


I haven't been posting much about clothes lately. The main reason for this is that I have been massively unthrilled by fall fashion this year. For some reason, I just can't get excited about fall clothes. My fellow style bloggers have not had this problem, and many of them have done a great job with rounding up collections of the best fall styles (check out Allie's Fall 2011 Fashion - How to Update Your Current Wardrobe for the Season and Sally's 2011 Guide to Boots, to start). However, since I am still going to have to leave the house dressed every day, and just putting a cardigan over the stuff I wore all summer seems like a bit less effort than I ought to make, I decided to force myself to find the good in fashion this fall. And there are a few styles I like. Or, at least, don't hate.

Dolman sleeves

Dolman tops

Old Navy loose shirt
$25 - oldnavy.gap.com

Long tunic
$15 - alloy.com

Old Navy dolman sleeve top
$12 - oldnavy.gap.com

Long top
$17 - alloy.com

Three Dots v neck tee
$43 - bluefly.com

I like shirts with the wide, loose Dolman sleeves for a couple of reasons. The first is practical--I have really large upper arms, and often long-sleeved shirts that otherwise fit bear sleeves that are too tight for me, which never happens in this style. I also like the body balancing properties of this style, for the wide shouldered (which I am). The other thing about this style is that it's very comfortable and feels slouchy and casual, which I like a lot for fall.

Long cardigans

Long cardigans

J crew cardigan
$50 - jcrew.com

Long sleeve cardigan
$20 - target.com

Long sleeve cardigan
$23 - target.com

Old Navy v neck cardigan
$29 - oldnavy.gap.com

Boyfriend cardigan
$23 - target.com

H M long cardigan
£25 - hm.com

Missoni cardigan
$50 - target.com

There are very few styles of cardigans I don't love, but long cardigans, even though they often have stupid names like "boyfriend" or "grandpa," are my favorite. There are very few bad body image days i can't conquer with the help of a butt-covering cardigan in a color I love. So, I'm happy that this style seems to be in this fall. I particularly like some of the budget options at Target, except that they are all so damn tight-sleeved they don't actually work for me.

Skinny belts

Skinny belts

Banana Republic wide belt
$40 - bananarepublic.gap.com

Banana Republic wide belt
$25 - bananarepublic.gap.com

$9 - shoplovemartini.com

$34 - lodis.com

Leather belt
$38 - lodis.com

Jigsaw leather belt
£29 - jigsaw-online.com

Forever21 skinny belt
$4.80 - forever21.com

Zara braided belt
$15 - zara.com

H M braided leather belt
£7.99 - hm.com

Zara leather belt
$30 - zara.com

Zara leather belt
$5.99 - zara.com

For me, last fall and winter were sort of Belts 101, where I learned to wear belts, using mostly wide and elastic models. This fall and winter, I'm moving into upper level classes, using skinny, colorful belts to not only create a waist, but also accessorize. I love how many different colors and styles are available, and that I can use my waistline to wear fall colors like oranges and yellows that I wouldn't let near my face.

Big scarves

Big scarves

Esprit floral scarve
$25 - espritshop.com

Gap scarve
$35 - gap.com

Purple scarve
$20 - delias.com

Sheer scarve
$18 - modcloth.com

Madewell wool shawl
$40 - madewell.com

Fat Face printed scarve
£18 - fatface.com

Forever21 woven scarve
$11 - forever21.com

Forever21 paisley scarve
$9.80 - forever21.com

Just as my belts are getting smaller, my scarves are getting bigger. I wore a lot of scarves last fall/winter as well, but this year, they're bigger and more cozy and bundled, and I approve of that. I'm also looking forward to branching out in terms of color and pattern, and wearing scarves that are really the focal points of my outfits.



Lassen side zipper boots
$139 - zappos.com

Steven shoes
$150 - zappos.com

OTBT zip boots
$142 - lorisshoes.com

ALDO knee boots
$130 - aldoshoes.com

Eric Michael slouchy black boots
$210 - nordstrom.com

Vince Camuto zip boots
$210 - vincecamuto.com

Frye wooden heels
$228 - bloomingdales.com

Banana republic shoes
$198 - bananarepublic.gap.com

I was going to skip talking about boots on account of it being so obvious, but they really are, as far as I'm concerned, fall's saving grace. I love boots and if there is one thing that makes me completely happy about the cooler weather, it's the return of boot appropriateness. Boots are great in all their shapes and styles, but my favorites are low-or-flat heeled tall ones and mid-height ones with buckles. I'm still stubbornly wearing my Franco Sarto Motos, since they don't make anything similar in my size anymore. I hope they last forever.

So what great fall trends am I missing? Leave me a comment and help me get excited about getting dressed!


I get most of my fashion suggestions from you, so I"m not much help there. But I'm very excited about boots this fall.

I have that boyfriend cardigan from AE, and I'm not thrilled. I may be too short for it, or I may need a belt that wasn't solely purchased to hold up my pants. But I love layers and sweaters and scarves, so I am actually feeling like I can pull something off this fall.

(I love your new blog header, by the way!)

I just got a pair of Frye Harness boots in brown and am looking for ideas of outfits to build around them. As a wide-hipped/big-thighed person, skinny jeans are not really my favorite so I'm thinking long tops (sweaters or dresses?) and leggings. Any other ideas?

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