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Some of my favorite bloggers, and the ones I most emulate, are what I think of as "tastemakers." Sometimes, they're fashion bloggers, some times home decor, and sometimes life bloggers with exceptionally good taste. Since I started reading blogs, these bloggers have stood out to me, become my favorites, and influenced me greatly. As I try to position myself among them (knowing, of course, that I'm a pretty small fish in this pond), I thought it might be fun to call out a few of my favorites.

Mighty Girl
Mighty Girl Maggie Mason is the first blogger I identified in my mind as a "tastemaker." Back in the day, before she sold them, Maggie ran Mighty Goods, Mighty Junior, and Mighty Haus. These "shopping blogs" highlight specific items, for self, kids, and home, respectively, that Maggie found cool. And she's got great taste. The minute I started reading these blogs I knew I wanted to do something like them, though it is now many years later and I still haven't really done it. I can't remember offhand anything I've purchased on Maggie's recommendation, but I know there have to have been a few things.

My other early tastemaker idol was Heather Armstrong at Dooce. For several years, Dooce has had a "Daily Style" section, and some of the things she has highlighted there have been phenomenal. The one I remember most clearly, which immediately went on to my wish list, was Charley Harper's An Illustrated Life book. Heather posted about it in July 2008, and I still want it.

Already Pretty
Already Pretty's Sally McGraw is well-dressed. She's also got a talent for explaining why the things that work do, and how she puts things together to flatter her figure and her fashion priorities. We actually don't dress all that much alike, but I can't even count the number of times she's worn something and I've had to have it. Recently, Sally inspired me to buy my first "nice" bag--a Foley & Corina.

Wardrobe Oxygen
Alli at Wardrobe Oxygen has probably sold me more stuff than any major advertising campaign, ever. She's perfectly put together, in a way I strive towards and only very rarely get to. I can't begin to tell you the number of things I've bought on Allie's recommendation or by her example, but I know they include NARS Orgasm blush and thread bangles. Plus, she turned me on to Ebates!

Young House Love
I'm a fairly new reader to John and Sherry Petersilk's home renovation and decoration blog, Young House Love. I may actually have been the last person in the free world to know about it. Since I've started reading, though, I've added a ton of John and (especially) Sherry inspired home decor items to my wish list. Pretty much every time John and Sherry post about Home Goods, I end up there. I love the mix of old and new, mass-produced and DIY, of John and Sherry's style.

Girl's Gone Child
Rebecca Woolf at Girl's Gone Child is my maternity wardrobe hero. (No, before you ask, I am not pregnant.) She maxi-dress based looks she wore and posted about while pregnant with her twins were absolutely amazing, and they are only the tip of the iceberg in her "Gone Style" section. I really, really want the newspaper animal heads she used to decorate her twins' room. For my living room.

As I look over my favorite tastemakers, I see a strong common thread. These bloggers all have unique style--they aren't afraid to pick things just because they like them, or to mix upscale and bargain, new and old, etc. None of them is *trying* to sell me things when they post--they are simply sharing things they love. Marketing doesn't get better than that, and, for my money, neither does blogging. I'm inspired.


Aw thank you so much! And to be mentioned with so many other AMAZING blogs and people, I am terribly honored!

If you haven't already found out, don't get your thread bracelets wet - they will completely unravel. With Emerson in my life, most have fallen apart on me (though I think it will be a fun project to recreate them!).

Again, thank you. :)

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