New Beauty Test Tube Review and Giveaway!


First, a bit of housekeeping--the Uncommon Goods giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winner, Sarah M!


I am excited to review one of the curated subscription services I mentioned a couple of week ago. The service, New Beauty Test Tube, is a quarterly offering from New Beauty magazine. Four times a year, recipients receive a "test tube" of beauty products, some full sized and some sample sized. An issue of New Beauty magazine is also included. Test Tubes are $29.95 each, plus $8.95 shipping & handling (a total of $38.90).

Beginning my subscription was easy--the New Beauty Test Tube website isn't difficult to navigate. However, there is no option to order a single Test Tube, so ordering one is beginning a quarterly subscription. You can cancel at any time, but I don't see an easy way to do so on the website. This is something of which potential customers should be aware.

Shipping was quick--my test tube was sent out only two days after I ordered it, and I received it three days later. Packaging was also good, with the plastic "test tube" itself contained in a box and all of the products arriving in good shape. My only complaint is that unlike the makeup bags or small cardboard boxes used by other beauty sample subscription services, I can't think of a re-use for the plastic tube itself. Still, that's fairly minor, and it is clever packaging.

My Test Tube contained the following:

-New Beauty Magazine ($9.95 cover price)
-full size L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray (retail $8)
-Macadamia Natural Oil Get Hooked Pack (retail $12)
-deluxe sample size Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner (.4 oz, full size is 1 oz @ $45)
-sample size Orlane Super-Moisturizing Concentrate (.11 oz, full size is 1.7 oz $125)
-full size Mally Evercolor Starlight waterproof eyeliner in Midnight (retail $15)
-full size Your Best Friend Posing Plum lip liner (retail 2 for $24)
-sample size Spa Ritual Handprint Hand Serum (.25 oz, full size is 4 oz @ $60)
-sample size Lash Food eyelash conditioner (1.5 ml, full size is 8 ml for $69)
-gift card for $20 off a $100 order at Spalook

If my math is correct, the total value of the products, not including the gift card (which is more like a coupon code), is $99.73. The website claims a $150 value, which I don't quite see even if I did count the coupon value, but still, a pretty good deal. The products themselves are a mixed bag. I'm not at all excited about drugstore hairspray or questionable purple lip liner, but the Macadamia oil package, eyelash conditioner, and moisturizers are all worth a try. There doesn't seem to be a way to customize the box--my account is not, for example, customized with my hair and eye color, skin tone, or beauty concerns--so I'd assume there are going to be a few things I don't have any interest in every quarter. Still, there was enough I did like in my first Test Tube to justify giving it another try next quarter (the next box is expected to ship in December).

So, sound like something you want to try? I have one Test Tube to give away to a lucky winner! Leave me a comment with something you'd like to see in your Test Tube to enter. Extra entries for FB'ing, Tweeting, or mentioning this giveaway on your blog. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Contest will run for two weeks, ending Thursday, October 13. Good luck!

I have not received compensation of any kind for this review--I purchased the New Beauty Test Tube I reviewed. However, the contest winner will receive their prize courtesy of New Beauty Test Tube.


As strange as it may sound, I love getting unusual-coloured makeup items (like the purple lipliner you received) that I would not purchase on their own, because then I get the fun of trying it out, seeing if it works for different uses, and occasionally being surprised at how well it works for me.

I'd love lip stains as they are my favorite makeup product.

I love getting small nail polishes in my Birchbox; it lets me try new colors, so I think that's something I'd like in any beauty sampler. I kind of hate tiny one-use samples of stuff like eye cream; there's no way to tell if that's going to work from one use, right?

I have an unhealthy addiction to wearing lipstick. Any color, any finish. Doesn't matter. I love it.

If there were a box that just sent lipstick, it would be the best thing ever for me.

I tend to buy very "safe" makeup colors so I would be glad to see anything outside of my normal! I also love all types of lip gloss.

Oooh, I'll play! I have never, ever tried eyelash conditioner, so that intrigues me.

Ooh. Yes, makeup in different colors. Also lip stuff. I've still never found a shade that suits my face.

I love the idea of samples that are big enough to actually try. A one-use packet of wrinkle cream or face soap is not enough to tell if it's a good fit for my skin.

I would love some samples of new face lotions. The one I'm using now is not my favorite but I'm always scared to try new ones!

I would love to see makeup and hairstyling products since I love to try them!

Thanks for this great chance of winning all that :)

I love new nail polish colors! Or colored lipgloss.

I always need lip colors/gloss!

I would really like to see concealer or mascara in the next one.

Ohhh argan oil! i would love to test out argan oil, or neem oil, or uh any kind of hair oil. the weather here is headed towards cold and DRY as anything.

and i facebooked and tweeted this so hopefully a buncha other people will enter.

I'd love some simple makeup products that match and compliment each other in such a way a makeup novice like myself could apply them without looking like a clown.
I'd love some light blushes so when I'm especially pale in the winter I could perk up my face!

I would love to try some of those products. I can't ever find a lip color that looks good on me.

I'd want to see a sample of some of that really ntense eye shadow. I'm not sure if it'd work on me, but I'm intrigued.

Im in the market for a new blush and I can never get enough of new high pigmented eyeshadows.

Lip color! I've been trying for years (and who knows how much money) to find a lip color that doesn't look ridiculous on my face.

I would love to see some fragrance samples. I really like to use a fragrance for a few days before I buy.

I would love to see some magic product to control facial oilyness!!

I'd love to see a REALLY luxurious sample in the test something from LaMer!! I was about to sign up for the test tube....but will wait till tomorrow...just in case I win your contest!! :O) I'll go ahead and facebook, tweet, and light a candle to send smoke signals now!!

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