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I like to buy gifts. I like to get gifts, too. My partner, unfortunately, is not huge into either one. However, after almost a decade together, he's learned that he doesn't have an opt out clause, and he has progressively gotten better and better and buying me gifts.

It helps that he figured out a way to make it easy on him. And I liked his way so much, I've recently taken a page from his book.

The magical solution? Uncommon Goods.

For those not already familiar with it, Uncommon Goods is a web store with the following vision:

UncommonGoods ( is an online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. At UncommonGoods, we believe that creativity and the expression of individuality represent two great human treasures. We have set out to create a business that makes uncommon goods accessible to everyone.

And they succeed. They have a huge variety of products, all "uncommon," and many handmade and/or made with recycled materials. Mark tends to buy nearly all of my gifts there. Some favorites have been:

birth month flower necklaces.jpg

Birth Month Flower Necklace, $48

I think these pendant necklaces, commemorating birth months with their traditional flowers, rather than stones, are fantastic. Mark got me one for my birthday last year.

card cases.jpg
Caia Koopman Cases, $30-$36

When I started carrying business cards, Mark bought me this gorgeous, quirky Caia Koopman case to carry them in. I get compliments on it all the time.

recycled tin flower art.jpg
Recycled Tin Flower Art, $40

Mark got me the first of these two recycled tin art pieces for my birthday last year, and I loved it so much he got the other one for me for Christmas. They now hang as a set in the hallway of our house.

sari scarf.jpg
Sari Scarf, $48

The blue version of this gorgeous scarf, made from recycled silk saris, is one you might recognize if you've been reading here for long--I've had it for several years and I wear it all the time. I love mine so much, I bought Mark's mother an earth-toned version for Christmas, and she wears hers all the time, too.

For Mark's birthday earlier this month, I decided to follow his example and go for all-Uncommon Goods gifts. The site is large and varied, so I started with the recommendation section: Gifts for Men (found here: They divide their recommendations in all kinds of ways, with sections for each member of the family, each age range, by the amount you want to spent, or for various types of personalities--there is Gifts for Dads (click here), Gifts for Brothers (click here), Gifts for Moms (click here), and so on. There were a number of interesting things in that section, but nothing struck me as perfect, so I headed over to Recycled Gifts to see if anything caught my eye. Bingo!

Growbottle, $35

The first thing I picked out was the Growbottle. It's a system for growing indoor (windowsill, basically) herbs hydroponically using a recycled wine bottle. I knew Mark would love it, and he did--when he opened his, it was the first present he started playing with. I splurged and got the basil, chives, and mint versions. Yay for fresh herbs this winter in a container that is fairly cat-proof (no dirt) and easy on the eyes!

wine barrel lazy susan.jpg
Retired Wine Barrel Lazy Susan, $125

I stuck with the recycled section and found my next gift there as well. We eat a ton of antipasta at my house, and when there are more than two people at the table, that's a ton of passing little dishes around. This recycled wine barrel Lazy Susan is not only gorgeous, and completely in keeping with the kind of decor Mark likes, but totally practical. It lives on our dining table now and we've used it several times already.

Mark's final gift was one I found by accident while browsing jewelry for myself:

ebony ring.jpg
Ebony Wood & Stainless Steel Men's Ring, $45

This I bought simply because I love the look of it, but it's also handmade in the USA, which I find to be a huge bonus!

Overall, I love Uncommon Goods because it's an easy place to get unique gifts for a wide range of people. It's not just a place for Mark and I to get presents for one another, but I can easily find gifts for our parents, friends, and other family members there as well. The packaging is environmentally sustainable, and they do eco-conscious gift wrapping (in unbleached recycled boxes and/or bags made from recycled t-shirts). They also have a blessedly easy to navigate site, and I've never had any sort of shipping issue. I recommend them very highly.

So...can you see yourself buying a gift at Uncommon Goods? How about a little something for yourself? How about with a $50 gift card? To win one, do any or all of the following (be sure to leave a new comment for each entry):

1. Take a gander at the Uncommon Goods site and come back and tell me your favorite product and who you'd gift it to.
2. Tweet a link to their family page!
3. Sign up for the Uncommon Goods email list.
4. Vote on possible new Uncommon Goods products with their voting tool.
5. Share this contest and my blog on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social media site floats your boat.

This contest with run for two weeks, ending Thursday, September 29.

This is not a compensated review--I just love this store. The gift card, however, is courtesy of Uncommon Goods.


I've been ogling the wood rings. WANT

Facebooked! I love those necklaces but now I have an excuse to go window shop for my favorite item.

That website is like Aladdin's cave on the internet! Beautiful stuff. Two things really caught my eye and made me think about a couple people in my life who are extreeeemely hard to buy gifts for. The ring I would buy for my husband because it's quirky but elegant and unique like him lol. The sari silk scarf I would give to a life-long family friend who was like an aunt to me all growing up. She's this incredible British lady in her 60's who has fabulous waist-length silver and gold hair, and I think the scarf would be magnificent on her. I will definitely advertise for you on my Twitter and FB! I so hope I win this one!!!

I love the seven sisters pendant and most of their jewelry! It would be a great gift for a sister or my mom. I have several items from them but haven't shopped there recently. Thanks for the reminder!

Oh, and I also signed up for their email list...

I also Facebooked!

I've heard you talk about this site, but I hadn't spent much time there before. If I could talk my hubby into using a Kindle, I'd be all over getting him the "Theory of Relativity Kindle Cover." He's a physicist, and this way he could read whatever he wanted to while still looking like a badass!

I would get my 5 year old daughter this lunch box: Probably in green. So cute!!

Tweeted link to this page! :)

I like the buoy bells for me. I may have to get the fire hose wallet for my brother in law, that's right up his alley, and he's hard to buy for. I may just get Christmas presents for everyone there this year.

I think that, given the nature of my week, I'd buy the Bon Appetit Lunch Box because a certain I.M. needs to have bento lunches for daycare.

Signed up for emails too.

Shared it on FB. LOVE that catalog.

I would buy a Beth Mueller vase for a dear friend who loves them. I've bought them for her before.

I'd love to give the stackable lunch pot to hubby for taking his lunch to work. Heck, my mom would love one too!

The Tree of Life necklace for my mom. Her eyes turn green when she wears green. :love:

You are on my Facebook.... with a shootout to my h. My birthday is coming up. :)

I'd love to give the catapult kit to my daughter.

I want their oak and acorn ring for DH, but they don't carry it in a size big enough, and also I lack funds. But I might get him some level cufflinks. He'd love those.

I want the grow bottles myself.

I voted for the chalkboard necklace. Cute!

Oh and I want to buy the cheesemaking kit for my partner. He's always saying he needs a hobby...

I'd grab the glass guitar pick for my sister, the birth month flower necklace for me, and the mobile foodie survival kit as a joke for my husband!
I love Uncommon Goods, everything I've ordered from them has been great!

I love that they have gifts for geeks. I have several geeks in my life. I particularly like the solar water bottle.

So many thing to choose from! I'd love the nest egg necklace, or the birth month flower pendant and I would give one to my best friend!

Love Uncommon Goods, I would get the amazing Shark Socks for my goofball husband, he is a sock collector :)
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Signed up for the Uncommon Goods email list!
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Voted on several potential jewelry ideas! Fun to be able to influence future products!
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

I like the Tibetan lion earrings. I'd gift them to my granddaughter.

So many great gifts. I love the teen boys section and I wood get the fire hose belt for my son and the wallet for my brother (even though he's 40).
Thanks for the link. I will be using them.

I checked out the recycled gifts for men and my husband would love the portable ping pong set! What an awesome store- I'd never even heard of it!

Signed up for the email list!

I signed up for the email list.

I think I've already exclaimed over this to you, but something that combines two of my favourite things: rocks and drinking!

also, facebooked/tweeted this. :)

I love the avocado salt and pepper shaker and I think my mom would too!!

The ukelele kit looks like a fun project to do with my kidlet.

signed up for the email list!

And I just posted it on FB.

I want the little winged demon kite for my son! (

I really want the growbottle but I suspect I wouldn't keep anything alive in that either. :o

thanks so much for offering this great contest. i love uncommon goods.

i would get my son this

because he has mention several times how ironic it is that when one buys a wallet one no longer has money to spend.

the make your own ukele kit for my daughter
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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