The big news


So, clearly I am a very bad blogger lately. I even wrote half of my Sons of Anarchy post last week and then never finished or posted it. But there is a reason. For once, I have a pretty viable excuse.

I'm pregnant, ya'll. 8 weeks. Due June 26.

And it's bad. So sick, so exhausted, so unable to do anything beyond the bare minimum to keep life and limb together. I'll get back to blogging--I have tons of things I want to write about--but posts are probably going to continue to be sparse until I get a bit more energy.

And yeah, I'll totally post pictures of my enormous belly, as soon as I get one. Promise.


I think that is a pretty good excuse ;)

Congratulations! I hope you start feeling better soon.


Congrats! Just think of all the thrifting you can do as soon as you feel better. It's a whole new world!!


Oh my gosh, I am so glad to hear that! I thought it was going to be bad news!

Now that you have told the internet, does that mean I can start mailing you stuff?

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