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It has been mentioned to me before that the majority of the products I mention on my blog--makeup, bath stuff, etc--are higher end things that can't be found in your average drugstore. That's a fair critique, as I have developed an expensive preference for the hoity toity when it comes to those things. However, there are still a whole mess of regular drugstore products that I love, so I thought it might be fun to feature some of those today.

Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Dandruff Shampoo with Eucalyptus, typically about $6

My hair can be kind of a pain. It's long, thick, and tends towards frizzy. To complicate matters, I have a very dry scalp and get dandruff and horrible itchies. I've tried a lot of shampoos, all the way up through expensive brands, and Head & Shoulders works best. This particular formulation, meant for itchy scalps, with tingly eucalyptus, is my current favorite.

Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera Formula Toner, typically about $8

I first tried Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel after seeing it on Allie's blog, and I was an instant convert. All the great, gentle toning of witch hazel with a much better smell! I recently learned that Thayers has cucumber, lavender, and lemon versions as well.

Degree Women Ultra Clear Body Responsive Antiperspirant & Deodorant with TriClear, typically about $5

I don't know if there are fancy options for deodorant, but my guess is yes. I've never explored them, because I have been a dedicated Degree girl for years. For me to love it, a deodorant must: a) work; b) not smell gross; c) not leave white marks all over my clothes. This one hits all three, so I stopped looking. I buy it in bulk when it's on sale or when they have it at Big Lots.

Bio-Oil Scar Treatment, typically about $12

Bio-Oil is a new addition to my list, but I think it will always be in my bathroom from here on out. I've been using it on my breasts and belly to help prevent stretchmarks (yeah, I know the science on that is sketchy), but I'd use it as a regular moisturizer, too. It smells divine, goes on easily and sinks in nicely. Plus, a little bit goes a very long way.

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Cream Shave in Mango Vanilla, typically around $7

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a shaving cream available at Trader Joe's. Then I moved to Austin and didn't have a Trader Joe's, and I was very sad. Then I found this Alba cream shave and was happy again, as it was a very close duplicate. Now I'm back in the land of Trader Joe's and still tend to use this Alba stuff. The end.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, typically about $5

I am not loyal to Cetaphil--I go through all kinds of facial skin cleansers, some upscale, some not--but when my skin has a certified freak out, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the product I always come back to. It's just about liking washing your face with plain water, I think, and sometimes that's what's needed.

Eco Tools 5 Piece Bamboo Brush Set, typically about $11

I have some expensive makeup brushes, and I just plain like my Eco Tools brushes better. In fact, every brush I use on a regular basis is from Eco Tools, and none of them cost more than a few bucks apiece.

eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere in Sweet Mint, typically about $3.50

Like many dry-skinned people, I live and die by lip balm. I probably have 25 varieties. But the one I reach for by my beside is this eos sphere. I don't know if it's the formula or the shape, but it just seems like the easiest option for putting on at night, with no mirror and no glasses.

Blum Naturals Daily Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes for Normal Skin, typically about $7

I love, love, love these Blum Naturals towelettes. Even when I plan to get into the shower and wash my face, I like to remove makeup before I do, and these are perfect for that. They are both super gentle and super effective, and they smell really nice. I've tried a few of the other varieties, as well (the exfoliating ones and the dry skin ones, I think), and they're just as good.

herbal essenses.jpg
Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Conditioner, typically about $4

I find admitting to this one a bit embarrassing--maybe because of those horrible commercials? Anyway, I recently tried Herbal Essenses None of Your Frizziness conditioner, and I've been really pleased. The smell is a bit strong while you're putting it on, but it doesn't linger too badly, and the product does seem to help with my frizz issues. I use a boatload of conditioner, too, so I like using something cheaper.

rosebud salve.jpg
Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Rosebud Salve, typically around $6

This last one is a bit of cult product, and it can be kind of hard to find, but I think it's worth scooping up if you do happen to see it. Technically, it's a more-than-a-century-old USA-made and packaged lip balm, and it is great for that, but you can also put it on chapped skin, minor burns, use it as cuticle cream, etc. It's classically rose scented (which means that someone is going to say it smells like an old lady--I'm OK with that) and has the greatest tin ever.

OK, now tell me what great drugstore product you use! I am thinking of some sort of best-of-the-drugstore contest or giveaway in the future, so I want to start a list!


I'm a drug store product girl, for the most part. My favourites are Dove brand shower products - I use their shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and body wash.

I also adore Burts Bees lip balm. It's the only one that doesn't leave my lips feeling gooey or make me break out along the lip line.

I love Spectro Moisturizer for Blemish-prone skin. It's the only one both DD and I can use without hives. http://www.spectroskincare.com/facial_moisturizers_blemish.aspx

Also, TRESemmé shampoo for the kids and Marc Anthony Strictly Curls hair products for me :)

Straight talk: how long does it take you to go through a tube of deodorant? I recently tossed one that had expired more than a year earlier even though I wasn't even remotely close to finished with it. And I don't buy, like, jumbo sizes, and I do use deodorant every day!

The trader joes shave cream is the same as Alba. I swear. Packaging even matches.

Sephora carries the rosebud salve. Its always near the registers. I got one for my mil for christmas and she had red raw hands from doing dishes and instantly she said she noticed a difference.

yea, I was going to say, that Alba shaving lotion looks really similar to the Trader Joes stuff (which I also love).

Lately, since we are so far away from TJs right now, I have been using this: http://evolutionofsmooth.com/products/shave-cream/ because they have it at Target and Target is slightly easier to get to than TJs. It's not bad! I still prefer TJ's though.

I'm going to have to try that conditioner - I don't like Head and Shoulders conditioner but my hair needs something.

As you'd probably suspect, I'm much more of a drugstore girl than a high-end girl. I also like the Cetaphil and None of Your Frizzness (though I do love Aveda hair products best). My latest find is Revlon Lip Butters lipstick - because they don't smell or taste like anything. I didn't wear lipstick for years because I could not stand the horrible taste and smell, then I finally conceded to Burts Bees colored lip balms because they were peppermint, but the lip butters are perfectly neutral. For me, Berry Smoothie color is just pink enough without being a Barbie pink.

You probably read a lot about shampoos on people's blogs. Anyone mention a good shampoo for people allergic to sodium laurelate (or whatever it's called)? The natural ones are too wimpy for my thick hair!

nivea colored lip balm--great color!

textures & tones hair color for red hair coloring--it's marketed to black women but i have used it for YEARS and it's the best. It has no ammonia and it is pretty gentle though it strips color better than "white people" hair color. If you live in a white hood, they may not have this at your drugstore. I also use a variety of "black" pomades.

cvs grapefruit facewash--almost all facewashes have whatever is in oxy, and i am way allergic to that.

salon selectives curly hair shampoo--better than any i have tried.

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