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Earlier this week, Allie posted her picks for spring from Land's End. Coincidentally, I was also perusing my LE catalog the other day and had started a similar post! Both Allie and I are big Land's End fans, so I suppose that's not surprising. And I liked nearly everything she picked, too! But I have a few additions:

LE seersucker dress.jpg
Women's Regular Sleeveless Knit Seersucker Dress, $85

I'm not sure I am preppy enough for seersucker, but if I were, I'd wear this dress. I like the classic cut of this dress, and the fact that the seersucker is modernized a touch with the darker stripe. It looks super versatile and super comfortable.

le plaid dress.jpg
Women's Regular Short Sleeve Pattern Drop Shoulder Dress, $64.99

Were I not going to be spending my summer in a postpartum haze, I'd buy this wonderful plaid dress. The wide neckline, the simple shape, the's so retro, and so wonderful. And apparently, I find madras, unlike seersucker, to be within the bounds of my preppiness. Who knew?

le shell.jpg
Women's Regular Cotton Modal Drape Front Shell, $19.99

Some people don't think sleeveless tops are work appropriate. I think those people are wrong. I love this draped-front option, as it would look as great under a cardigan or jacket as it does by itself. The draping is simple enough not to be fussy and frilly, but adds real visual interest. I also like the slightly longer hemline of this top and the quality I can expect from a cotton-modal blend from LE.

Thumbnail image for 414258_AF11_FF_CJS.jpg
Women's Regular Pattern Knit Convertible Skirt, $35

Since this convertible skirt has a wide elasticized waist, I could probably wear it pregnant, and that is making it very hard not to order. I love the knee length and the chevron stripes SO much--comfortable, classic, extremely versatile...maybe I should order it...

le ponte pants.jpg
Women's Regular Fit 2 Ponté Ankle Pants, $55

Years ago, I had the perfect black cropped pants. I don't have them anymore, as my sizes have changed pretty drastically, but man did they ever look just like these! These pants look to me to be just about the perfect summer work staple--comfortable, incredibly flattering, and can be worn with almost anything in your closet. LOVE.

le wrap sweater.jpg
Women's Regular Fine Gauge Supima Wrap Cardigan Sweater, $29.99

Wrap sweaters are one of those things that I'd love to have, but have never found to fit me. The waist is just never really in the correct place. I love this fine gauge cotton version, however, especially in the "claret red" color (which reads more coral-pink to me). I think it could go very casual (reminds me a bit of something a dancer would throw over her leotard) or dressy (with a pencil skirt and heels, maybe?) and would be a great wardrobe addition.

le tankini top.jpg
Women's Regular Beach Living Paisley Halter Tunic Top, $45

You can't talk about Land's End without mentioning their fantastic, bullet-proof swimwear, and this season is no exception to the cute styles and fabrics. It's extremely hard for me to choose the best among them, but the adjustable, long-length paisley tankini top above was my favorite. Having a very long torso, I love the idea of being able to have that much room for adjustment, and the fabric choices are amazing.

I really wish Land's End made maternity clothes...


I love the drape front shell!

You wear the TALL sized clothing, right? How much of this is available in T? I have a long torso and I love the fit of T vs. regular. So frustrating when I find a nice shirt at Target, put it through the wash, and end up with a too-short shirt. "T" fixes the problem... not that Target has T.

Their sales are amazing. I say this as someone who has an employee discount at Lands' End--if you use the sale discount you don't get employee discounts, and the sale discounts are usually better than my employee discount.

Their sizing runs WAY large, so keep that in mind.

Finally, this is nitpicky, but the brand is Lands' End, not Land's End. Even my coworkers get it wrong....

Did you get a different catalog than I? Your selections are AWESOME, I totally want that striped skirt NOW and I would wear that seersucker dress with my black booties and studded leather bracelet to toughen it up. But I never saw these (haven't perused the whole site, actually first time there in months was to get my post links and pics). I am SO doing some Lands End shopping in the near future!

When did LE get so hip? Or, conversely, when did I get so square?

I REALLY love that swimsuit! I always forget to look at Land's End.

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