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Now that I'm six months in and an old hand at this pregnancy thing (ha), I thought I'd give you a run down of a few of the maternity products I've found so far that I love. Frankly, most of what I have tried has been crap, but there are a few standouts, so I'll share those.

Gap 1969 Demi Panel Heathered Long & Lean Jeans (currently on sale for $34.99)


I bought these because they were cheap, and they've become my go-to pants. They don't look like jeans--I've been wearing them to work with abandon--and they aren't made out of cheap, creepy feeling polyester like most maternity pants seem to be. They're a nice dark gray color, they come in long lengths, and they've been very comfortable for the last several months. I suspect I am soon to outgrow the demi panel, and when I do, I'll be sad to see these leave the rotation.

Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow ($59.99)


I bought this body pillow on the recommendation of an e-friend way back when I first started having back and hip pain, and it has been an absolute wonder. I'm still having some pain, but I can sleep SO much better with this thing than without it (as evidenced by a recent weekend trip when I tried to sleep without it). It's also great just for lounging around and reading, and I'm told it will be useful for nursing, as well.

Mama Mio Congratulations Kit ($55)


I received this Mama Mio skin care kit as a gift late in my first trimester, and I have been religiously using it since then (I'm just about to run out of the body cream). It's not something I would have purchased for myself--spendy!--but it's so wonderful. The shower cream is nice, but the real stars are the moisturizers. Both the body cream and the tummy rub oil smell wonderful and not-too-strong (good when you're nauseated), and both are richly moisturizing but still sink in quickly. I'm trying to be frugal, but still seriously considering replacing the moisturizers when they run out, or trying something else from the line. And yes, I realize that tummy oil isn't going to keep me from getting stretch marks--however, it does wonders for the dry/stretched skin itchies!

Old Navy Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tanks (currently on sale for $10)


I am a tank top girl from way back, and I haven't been surprised to find myself even more enamored with my favorite basic tanks while pregnant. However, in the last few weeks, my typical tanks, even the Target Long&Lean ones I've relied on to cover my long torso for years, have been failing me. They just aren't long enough to cover the new belly, not ride up, and provide a bottom layer for ever-shortening tops. These tanks from Old Navy, however, are perfect. The run really big, so be careful if when ordering, but if you can find the right size, they're stellar. So long, such great colors, and so inexpensive!

Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt


I realize Fage is not exactly a "maternity" thing, but it has become a pregnancy essential for me all the same. I am not, when left to my own devices, a breakfast eater. However, as I've gotten more pregnant, my need to for constant calories has increased, and eating breakfast is no longer optional. Enter Fage. I mix the plain 2% with whatever fruit I have on hand (I've been huge into fruit since I stopped being so sick--mostly bananas and berries) and my homemade granola, and I have a really decent breakfast that I can almost always stomach. Since I'm not a milk drinker in general and my tolerance for meat has been pretty low since I've been pregnant, the calcium and protein boosts are also a really good thing.

Victoria's Secret Yoga Leggings (currently 2/$50)

Another kind of strange one, maybe, but I've been living in my VS yoga leggings. I've always been a fan of these--they fit me well and come in a 32" inseam, which is long for leggings. Still, I've been surprised at how versatile they've been during the first half of this pregnancy. I'm too big for them to go over the bump, but they tuck underneath without riding down. The actual maternity leggings I've tried have been atrocious, so I'm sticking with these and hoping they'll see me through the rest of the way.

There have been a lot of less useful things. Belly bands? Still can't figure those out. Pretty much every pregnancy book I've opened? More fear-mongering and judgement than helpful advice. Sea bands for nausea? Can't believe I ever thought those would work. It's all individual though, I think--some of the stuff I've listed here would likely be worthless to you, and some of what you lived by wouldn't work for me. That said, if you have any must-try additions to my list, please leave a comment! I've still got four months to go!


I also practically lived on Fage yogurt when pregnant--except that I went for the full-fat version, which is amazing and creamy. If you need summer stuff (you probably will, right?), I got a bunch of very cheap dresses from Motherhood Maternity that were comfortable in the warm weather and professional enough to wear to work, especially with a cardigan--you could browse their website and see if anything appeals.

That pillow looks awesome.

Save the maternity pants that you really like for post-baby. I know it's horrible and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who gets back into regular clothing very quickly, but for those first week or two postpartum, sometimes just throwing on a pair of maternity pants can be nice...

I had no idea my tummy was going to get so itchy! I'm a little ahead of you (33 weeks) and have always had oily skin. The itchy stomach is so strange. I'm just using cocoa butter lotion though. I smell like I'm going to the beach or am a candy store.

I'm glad that you're feeling better!

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