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I haven't done a celebrity style icon post in a long time! For obvious reasons, I am lately paying attention to the styling of pregnant celebs, and I thought I'd share some of those with you!

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson takes a lot of flak, both pre-pregnancy and now. She's not someone I'd ever giving a lot of thought to as a style icon before, either, but honestly? I think she looks fabulous right now, and I love how she's been dressing:

(Image via Celebuzz!)

(Image via PopSugar.)

(Image via Jessica Simpson's Twitter.)

(Image via Celebuzz!)

The thing I love the most about how Jessica has been dressing is that there is NO shame in her fashion. She's BIG. Really big. And she's not trying to downplay it. She was just as willing to wear a body-conscious dress in January (the second photo) as she was in November (the first photo). I like that. I also really dig the maxi dress/cardigan/sunglasses ensemble she's been sporting recently--the hippy/boho feeling of it is so great for the season and for her late stage of pregnancy. She looks relaxed and comfortable and beautiful and happy. Also? Her hair is amazing.

Emily Deschanel/Temperance Brennan

I've carried on before about how much I love the way Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones dresses, and her pregnancy changed very little. Both the actress and the character are still all about the classics.

(Image via lilSugar.)

(Image via FOX Broadcasting Company.)

(Image via FOX Broadcasting Company.)

(Image via People.)

The thing I love the most about Emily's pregnant style (and that of her TV alter ego) is how similar it is to her non-pregnant style. Both Emily and Bones are still in trench coats, fitted jackets, basic black, cropped pants with flats, and great accessories. I love it when women are able to adapt their existing style to fit their pregnant bodies, rather than having to take on a totally new look, and Emily and Bones both did a great job with that. This is especially impressive considering the major changes pregnancy makes to a body that started out as trim as her's.

Alyson Hannigan

Currently gestating Kid 2.0, Alyson Hannigan has pregnancy style down. She's another celeb whose style never pinged my radar pre-pregnancy, but I think she looked fantastic during her first pregnancy and looks just as great this time around.

(Image via People.)

(Image via Zimbio.)

(Image via omg Yahoo!)

(Image via Babble.)

The thing I love about Alyson Hannigan's pregnant style, both the first time around (first pictures) and this one (last two pictures) is that she doesn't steer clear of color. So many maternity clothes are available in the drabbest colors possible, as if pregnant women should be trying to blend into walls, and Alyson is having none of that, spending her pregnancies in super-rich, vibrant hues. She's being touted as being the happiest pregnant woman ever, and the color certainly helps her to keep up that appearance.

Laila Ali
I think Laila Ali might be my pregnancy role model. She always looks so happy and healthy and comfortable in her skin!

(Image via Electronic Urban Report.)

(Image via Pregnancy Magazine.)

(Image via Best for Babes.)

(Image via Belly Itch.)

I love the casual and well-fitting clothes Laila chooses when she's pregnant (the first picture is from her last pregnancy, in 2011, the last three are from her first pregnancy, in 2008), and I like that, like Alyson, she doesn't shy away from color, but what really impresses me is how comfortable she looks. I'm not sure if it's the clothing choices she makes or how she feels about her pregnant body or what, but there is no awkwardness to her, and I think that's amazing. I wonder if any of it has to do with Laili being a big person to begin with, or having been a professional athlete?

Angelina Jolie

A lot of people seem to have a love-or-hate relationship with Angelina Jolie. I'm team love. I think she's gorgeous all the time, but man, she shines when she's pregnant.

(Image via Babble.)

(Image via SheKnows.)

(Image via Maternity & Style.)

(Image via Daily Mail.)

The thing that really blows my mind about Angelina when she's pregnant is that she still always looks like a straight-up goddess movie star. Even in her third trimester with twins (first picture), she looked not just gorgeous, but glamorous. That stuns me. Let me tell you, glamorous is pretty much the last thing I am feeling these days.

OK, I'm inspired! Definitely going to try to learn at least a little something from these famous women and put just a wee bit more effort into my pregnant wardrobe as I start the last trimester! Any other really stylish pregnant celebs I should check out?

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