Six months in...


And I am so ready to be back to blogging. Pregnancy has gotten leagues easier recently, and I'd go so far as to say that I feel pretty stellar. I miss blogging. A lot. I really want to get back to doing it regularly. But now that I'm out of the habit, every time I try to write a post I feel like it is stupid and trite and nobody will want to read it! I need to regain my previous arrogance self-confidence! me out, those of you who are still hanging out there. What would you like to see posts about? I have lots of thoughts on lots of aspects of pregnancy and future-parenthood, but that area is so well-trod in the blogosphere I'm afraid to get into it. I've been reading lately, so I could post book reviews. I could post outfits, if only for your amusement (turns out I don't dress well when pregnant). I've been having lots of kinda interesting class-related thoughts and doing some writing elsewhere around that lately. None of it quite seems right here, though, in this very transitional feeling space. So give me a push?


I honestly would like to hear your pregnancy/future parenthood thoughts. I think that you offer something fresh and you've definitely made me consider some things I hadn't previously thought about, or at least not in detail. So I say go for it. Blog what you know, and what is current for you, is what I say.

You might not know how you feel yet but how about fashion sacrifices you make because of baby? When I had my oldest, I gave up heels because I was still off balance and I was afraid I'd plunge forward while carrying her. I also gave up wearing stuff that made breastfeeding difficult. What sort of stuff will you find yourself compromising on?

Oh and I really need help sandal shopping. I default to sports sandals (think Tevas) because I think all other sandals look stupid on me.

If you have time, a quick post of baby and feminism would be interesting.

Feminism, specifically pregnancy and if / how it challenges or changes your feminism? Even if it's discussed often, I feel like you'd have something interesting to say about it!

I've really missed the Dress You Up posts. And I'd love to hear book reviews.

All of the above?

I love hearing about class from you. And just anything about the process of becoming a mother!

Any post is a good post!

I still yearn for your makeover advice posts, even if you never get to my submission - I just love that series so much!!

I like your book reviews, I've added a couple books to my "To Be Read" list because of them. And I like Joanna's suggestion too.

Oh My God Please Do A Post About A Summer Hat For Cody Please I Beg You.

I know the caps look funny there but all caps would have looked worse and I am BARELY restraining myself.

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