The home stretch: third trimester time!


Today is a big day for me and my passenger--we're turning the corner into the third trimester. Today marks 27 pregnant weeks!

Thought I'd show you how we're faring:

27 weeks

27 weeks

(Pardon the goofy pictures--I haven't worked out the self-timer on my new camera yet, and Mark is not the world's best photographer.)

I'm feeling pretty good, with one notable exception. My feet. The swelling. Oh my Lord. I knew pregnant feet swelled, but I didn't expect this much puffy action so early on. Wanna see? Of course you do:


Nobody worry--my blood pressure is fine and all that, it's just fluid retention. Nasty though, right?

That said, I'd much rather deal with foot swelling (and, OK, back pain and awkwardness) than the incredible first eighteen weeks of nausea and exhaustion. If the third trimester can keep in the same spirit as the second half of the second one, I'll be just fine.

For the fashion-curious, I'm wearing:

Merona® Womens Draped Neck Value Dress in Xavier Navy (Target)
Merona® Womens Pointelle Cardigan Sweater in Elephant (Target)
Aerosoles Women's Laser Printz Ballet Flats in Dark Orange Suede (Amazon)
Pendant from Broken Plate Pendant Company
Wrapped bangles from Exotic Bangles

Also, I have to show you this outtake picture from this morning, because I think it's just too funny. This is apparently what my face looks like when I'm not posing:

27 weeks


Radiant!!!! Happy Third Trimester!!!! :)

You look beautiful. And WTG on the new camera, I could see the difference in color and focus right away.

That last one is what I would refer to as your normalface.

Cute dress!

This is where I meant to be waxing poetic about how pretty you are, and how I'm sorry to hear that your feet are swelling so much. I can't wait to "meet" Buzzy.

You look fantastic!! I'm so glad that you've moved beyond the yucky HG stage and that you are back to blogging! You were definitely missed!!

You are looking FANTASTIC! And those feet, bah, you know us moms have to show off that things were worse when we were in your stretched-out shoes, we walked uphill both ways at 40 weeks ;) but your feet are nothing compared to the scary lumps I had at the ends of my ankles! By your point I think the only thing I could fit on my feet were my sister's Crocs which were two sizes larger than I usually wore! Hang in there, you look great and I am glad you're feeling better!

You look absolutely amazing. Well, okay, other than your poor feet, that just looks painful. The look on your face in that last picture is fantastic :lol:

You look great!

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