Top 10 Weird Things About Being Pregnant

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1. Suddenly liking bananas. Then suddenly LOVING bananas.
2. People wanting to carry things for me.
3. Stupid movies, television shows, and even commercials becoming much more touching. Even when I know they really aren't.
4. The belly. I expected the size, but am continually amazed by the watermelon-rind like hardness.
5. Spending nearly six months being grossed out by both coffee and beer.
6. Having a reason to buy a whole new wardrobe and being really, really unexcited about it.
7. Fielding people's completely inappropriate questions and advice about my body and my future child.
8. The continual knowledge that someone is growing in there, and there's not whole lot I can do about it. She's gonna take up as much space as she wants, and she's already bigger than most of my vital organs.
9. Observing the Flowers for Algernon-esque decline of my mental faculties.
10. Losing the ability to pick either my navel or my nipples out of a line-up.


I thought the complete change in body scent was one of the weirdest. I didn't smell like me anymore!

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