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So when you take a handful of months off from blogging, your traffic goes way, way down. Shocking, I know! But I like traffic, and I'd like to see mine go back up. What better way to do that than with a welcome back giveaway?

This past weekend, I went through the extremely excessive amount of stuff in my bathroom. After several months of sample box subscriptions of several years of less-than-frugal makeup and body product buying habits, I have a rather incredible (and my incredible I mean really embarrassing) stockpile of never-opened, never-tried items. Pregnancy, for whatever reason, has made me a whole lot less interested in ever trying them, much less storing them. So it seemed a perfect opportunity for a giveaway.

I am giving away two "deluxe" sample boxes, made up of (unopened, unused) products from my own stash. These are not little 4-5 item boxes--they're large, each with $100+ worth of items, some full-size, mostly sample sized. Each box contains a mix of hair products, skin products, bath products, and makeup, as well as a few pieces of costume jewelry from Anika Burke. A few drugstore brands are included, but most of the stuff is either small batch/indie or higher end. A few of the brands I know are represented in the boxes are: Flutterby Beauty, Too Faced, The Body Shop, Zoya, L'Occitane, Jonathan, Sephora, blinc, Arcana, and Orlane.

So how do you enter? Easy! Two ways:

1. Leave me a comment on this post telling me something you hope will be in your box, if you win.
2. Post about this contest on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, and leave me a second comment telling me you did it.

I want this stuff out the door this weekend, so let's make this a short-running contest. You have until 9am EST on Friday, March 16, to enter. GO!



I'm going to hope for some really good smelling bath products. How's that for vague and non committal? Hehe.

I have no idea what I'd want if I won, I am totally product ignorant, but that's why this would be fun. I would be playing with all sorts of new to me things :)

I linked you on my facebook as well. Well, one of my facebook accounts :)

I'd love to get a good moisturizer for my combo face. Or Restalyne. Do you have a coupon for that in there? ;)

These fine lines are hurting my vanity.

I'll post to FB when I get home!!!!

I'm hoping for some pretty smelling soap.

Some fun and moisturizing lip stuff. Maybe an eye shadow pencil? Oh! Natural, organic-y shampoo.

Eye stuff... mascara, in particular. And I think the only blush I have broke, so now it's an unholy mess to use, so I'd love to replace that. And lip stuff. Long winded way of saying, hit me with the whorish face paint, please!

Yay! I love giveaways! I really love nail polish, Body Shop lotions, and exfoliating. If you have any wrinkle cream I might need that too!

I'd love to try some new soaps and lotions.

I love to get free mascaras!

Nail polish and eyeliner - I can never have too many of those.

Liquid eyeliner! I'm too scared to actually spend money on it, but I'd love to finally learn how to actually use it.

Facebooking done!

I need some new mascara.

Oooh, some yummy fun lip gloss would be awesome!

I'd love to have some good facial wash. I haven't had much luck lately with the ones I've tried. Or some really nice mascara. I'm tired of my spider eyes!


Face cream! Anything to use while soaking in the tub!

I lurrvee giveaways! Face cream/eye cream is always a win for me! Sharing you on facebook now!!

Oh wow, what a great giveaway. I'm hoping for some makeup. I don't really wear any now and have had a itch lately to try some out.

I would love some makeup and/or face cream!

I just facebooked this!

Grace, I would love anything, but I think some beauty product would be special. I think all women feel better when wearing makeup or special skin products. Grace this would be my wish, as if I'm a winner,I plan to donate it to my local women's shelter - "My Sister's Place.

Thank you for this opportunity!

I'd love to get some nice lotion, maybe a mascara.

Posted to my wall - Thanks again!

Ooh, a give away! Love! I'm hoping for nail polish and hair stuff, because I never buy those things. But I also love makeup and bath stuff... so I'd hope for that too... I just like mail. LOL.

Off to share this for an extra chance. ;)

I'd like something from L'Occitane, only because their packaging is pretty and I can't ever afford their stuff to try it.

Ooh, I hope I win! I love Arcana, so anything from them would be awesome!

Now you are on my Facebook! Enter me again, please!

I am in desperate need of super hydrating body lotion right now. My legs are ridiculously dry. I'm always open to getting just about anything though, so I would be positively thrilled with whatever I would happen to receive. :)

Just linked you on FB! :) I hope this helps bring up your blog traffic!

Oh my I hope that there is some Body Butter from The Body Shop! I love, love, love their body butter plus I live in WI and have naturally REALLY dry skin so I have to use it all the time! I heard about your blog from a friend when she posted this on FB so your giveaway idea is working to get more traffic! :-) ~ Sarah

Well, I took a HUGE break from blogging when I was pregnant -- and through most of the first year of having a baby -- so I understand.

I've been really into eyeshadow lately, so that's what I'd be hoping for if I win a giveaway. But I loooove samples, so I'd be happy with anything. ;)

I am hoping for some foot cream which will make me tall like Grace. Also, a pony.

I would love, love, love costume jewelry. And eye makeup...and hair products...and everything!

Oh hopefully make-up and some cleaning wipes I can stow in my glovebox for the car!

Something that smells of coconut!

I'd love something to make my hair behave!

And I posted on FB!

I'd love to get some new type of face cream to try :-)

and shared on FB

Lately I've been contemplating trying bronzer. Might there be any bronzer in the giveaway?



I'd love to see some handmade soap samples.

Hurrah for giveaways! Pretty much anything that doesn't smell too strong. I have just about nada in the way of products.

Hm, I would hope for some really delightful hand cream.

Anything would make me happy, but something to smooth my sad, callused feet for spring would be a big winner!

I'd love to try anything; I've only ever used drugstore products so anything fancy would be a real treat!

shared on Facebook!

I hope to find some new, cool makeup stuff. It's my only addiction. Well, that and Diet Dr. Pepper.

It is so good to have you back! I would love to get some makeup primer and fun new makeup products to try. I just bought some fun colored shadows and I'm trying to learn how to be a bit more creative with the makeup I do.

Something to cover my 30 year old acne.

Something to cover my 30 year old acne.

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