Confession: I'm not actually wearing 30 for 30 clothes today. Why? Because every single bottom half-covering option is in the laundry. I'm not leaving the house anyway, so I don't suppose it much matters. However, I wore TWO 30 for 30 outfits yesterday--one for during the day, when I went thrifting, and another for an evening spent having dinner with friends. So we're still on track.

During the day I wore:



I'm wearing:
-#1: Old Navy Fold-Over Wide-Legged Linen Pants, gray
-#10: Mossimo Ultra-Soft Cocoon Sweater, coral
-#13: Liz Lange for Target Maternity Short-Sleeved Ruched Basic Tee, Flat Iris
-#28: Teva Mandalyn Wedge Flip Flops

-H&M tank top, black
-Broken Plate Pendant Company necklace

Then, in the evening:



I'm wearing:
-#6: Liz Lange for Target Maternity Sleeveless Maxi Dress, gray/red/purple (belt removed)
-#(alternate)10: Old Navy open-front short-sleeved cardigan, cream
-#25: Aerosoles Laser Printz Ballet Flats, dark orange

-gold concentric circles necklace (gift)
-gold, pink, and purple beaded wrap bracelet (Forever 21, I think)

I don't like these shoes with this, but it was raining too hard for sandals last night, so they were the best of bad options. The cardigan isn't really right, either, but none of the 30 for 30 cardis work very well with it. I really, really love the dress, though. So, of course, I spilled something on it last night. Hopefully it will come out in the laundry today.


Love the dress!

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