3rd Trimester 30for30 Day 3: 1+10+19+26


I did not know how bad these pants looked until I saw today's pictures. Eek. And the pictures are still not good--how can it be this difficult to get a decent timer picture from an auto-focus camera??



These pictures are making me absolutely crazy. And I can't find online help for the issue I am having. And of course I can't find the manual for the camera. Ideas?

I'm wearing:
-#1: Old Navy Fold-Over Wide-Legged Linen Pants, gray
-#10: Mossimo Ultra-Soft Cocoon Sweater, coral
-#19: Motherhood 3/4 sleeved tunic, black/white striped
-#26: Me Too bronze wedges

-Missoni for Target chevron striped silk scarf
-Jewelmint Honey Bee ring


I think you look cute! The pants are a bit too short (and only just a bit). The outfit as a whole is nice!

I'll give you the lack of clarity on the pictures, but I don't see anything wrong with the pants.

I commend you for working with a timer, your pics are clearer than I could ever get. And I love the ensemble!

I really like the pants too! I think they're cute, and nicer than what I usually wear ;)

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